Saturday, February 13

Realizing it all

First we are told that studies is everything and so we study hard so we can get onto a "dream" job with a "dream" salary. We are told that the world wouldn't be happy with us or treat us well if we don't. And then we work work not quite dedicating time to our families in hopes to see a world that would be happy about us. To prove our worth, so to speak.

Many of us still continue to believe that career is everything and live our lives that way. That having the best education, working in the top companies of the world etc. speaks of who we are. A friend of mine after lots of slogging and working like a dog realized that family matters most. Why? Coz every after he gave it all they said "you can do better". The truth is, the world will never be happy with you.

And this way some of us end up dedicating our lives for our family. And then there are those who have the courage to think that perhaps self is above family and venture into self realization. After all, the plethora and gods, their stories and scriptures are intended to realize the godliness within ourselves and live like gods. For some it takes discontentment in their family life to venture into it.

Its a shame to realize that we spend a lifetime to realize it all despite being bestowed with so much knowledge. We live indulging in the ways of the west only to realize their futility. Better yet, we mock those who have the courage to seek.


At Saturday, February 13, 2010 7:56:00 PM, Blogger Rakesh Vanamali said...

The sad part is that our quest is not knowledge oriented but undertaken for money and positions!


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