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Sweet Sound of Mandolin - by U.Sirinivas

This Sunday (18th Dec) evening was not to be spoiled by the rains. December Season 2005 will be celebrated <:-P. Althrough in the evening it was a light drizzle, from about 6:10 it started pouring hard. It was the 1st day of this monsoon when I travelled with my rain-coat on, nevertheless water trickeled through. All this while I managed to dash during the short cessations in the rain. Managed to make it to the place, but clean :(. I was shoddy and unpresentable thanks to having got moist in the rain #-o, and it was no ease to ensconce until the music made me oblivious to it all. To add to it my eyelids were heavy, so hoped that the program would come in handy.

My pursuit towards learning violin is given to the dulcet master-pieces brought out by deft composers and various styles of renditions. If there was another instrument that would contend in my mind, it would definitely the mandolin. Violin's infamity with the pedestrian community is given to scores of so called dragging musical works, which invariably puts those unable to appreciate it into instant slumber. Mandolin is no exception either, and I have to admit that I don't as yet have the maturity to appreciate raagam improvisations (think they call it AlApanai) *when they are slow*, esp in instruments as violin and mandolin (but hardly on the sax). In all other aspects this instrument is just enchanting to me, of course in good hands :D.

First my confession - I almost dozed off once in a while unable to withstand to those pure raagams being played :(. It would only be an excuse for me to say I was tired and needed some nudging / groovy music. But then almost every piece was carefully choosen or rendered such that it wouldn't let me drift into dream land. Just when I gave up, the music got set pace as the artist displayed his command over the instrument. It was truly amazing.

The Troupe for the evening Posted by Picasa

Here is a synopsis (not a review) of the songs that were played -
  1. Varnam set in kadanakutuhalam - it was just pleasing. This raagam is quite special to me. More than a year back it was Lalgudi Ji's Thillana that enticed me into this ocean. I vividly remember his compositions in kadanakutuhalam, dEsh and mOhaana kalyaaNi ;). Still my favourites, it brings me sweet memories ;).
  2. tatvamariya taramaa by Papanasam Sivan in reeti gowLa - not too very certain about the song name but the later info is for sure. Got to listen to it and recognize. This was a nice one, 1st timer you see :D.
  3. raghuvara in pantuvaraaLi - was really amazing. Towards the end as the pace increased I was like O.M.G. he ain't human. I should get hold of this sometime. I found it very impressive.
  4. annapoorNE vishaalaakshi in saama - this composition from muthuswamy dikshitar was quite slow and nice. Quite mellow when I was prying for groovy ones. Think's I'd like this for the late nighters :p.
  5. Thyagarajar composition in vanaspathi - this went on for about 20 mins, with highs and lows (in tempo n grooviness). Even the experienced enthusiasts could not guide me on this one :(.
  6. Thyagarajar composition in kOkilavaraaLi - another one of those tracks my neighbours now I could discern :-s.
  7. vaasuEva varaguNa in bilahari - this is where the concert started picking up, I mean I was live and kicking :p, it just got groovy. I am not all too sure if this is the exact T's composition he mentioned tho :-?.
  8. paalvaDiyum mugam in naaTTai kurinji - *-:) ting ... this song rang bells in my mind ... I knew I was making the same mistake. Thought it was conspicuous that the raagam was different I associated certain segment with those comming in the song alai paayudE #-o. Just when I realized I was erring again, I remembered I heard this quite recently ~x(. Gotcha!!! :), ACE rendered the same song in her concert on 15th :D. Bingooo!!!
  9. thikku thEriyAdha kaatil (bharathiyar song) - a never heard before track, nice one ;).
  10. sankara sankara (sai bhajan) - probably I am mistaken as before, but this reminded me segments from the PS kriti - manamE kanamum.
  11. chandrasekhara in sindhu bhairavi - seemed familiar but was easy and nice.
  12. thillAna in hameer kalyaaNi - thillana's make me go \:D/, most of them and this one sure did wonders. Was awesome for a closure.
  13. mangalam
Regardless of my drowsy state, I enjoyed it well. Mandolin is just fantastic and U.Srinivas, well I have not stature to comment on such revered musician. December Season 2005 is the exam for all of the artists to make their name, for journalists/critics with a good sense of music would tear their reputation in the tabaloids. I remember one such on ACE. More of my spell for this season later.

adios ... rasikaas

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At Thursday, December 22, 2005 12:47:00 AM, Anonymous aishwarya said...

enthusiastic review :) keep it coming!

At Sunday, December 25, 2005 9:38:00 PM, Blogger Anck su Namun said...

"Veenai enna podu poduthu paaru !

Veenaiya ??

I know man, Namma Mandolin Srinivasan vasikarthu thana. Idhu thaan Hindi'la Sitaru..."

At Thursday, December 29, 2005 2:11:00 AM, Blogger Sudha Narayanan said...

Oh wow! this seems to be on e amazing classical music blog!! HOw did i miss it for so long?! :)

At Thursday, December 29, 2005 2:47:00 AM, Blogger SamY said...

@aishwarya: thnx :)

@anck: well know what, I'd sleep listening to most stuff played on sitar :(, lack of maturity to appreciate it, but mandolin ;) puts me in gud mood always \:D/

@sudha: it season time and hence, I do report a synopsis (not a review) of the concerts I go to :), so do drop by when u see one that interests you


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