Thursday, December 15

Chennai Reverberates once again!!!

It's been exactly a year since I started learning violin :). It was a period when life took a turn for me, and I consciously turned quite unconventional (Some consider it being nuts). Many incidents incited me into this, almost like I am living as though I didn't have much time left. After much deliberation, putting myself in other shoes and anticipating insolent questions and remarks from near and dear ones, I pitched in. Oh yeah, they didn't leave me disappointed, those questions did come in ;).

After consulting with my guru, 15-Dec-2004 was the choosen auspecious day for a new beginning. I still remember having gone empty handed, unaware of the custom of giving the guru dhakshanai with vethalai-pakku, pazham and all :"> he he. The moment I entered I saw the life size hand-painted aanjaneeyar and stood starring at it for a while. I ain't a spiritualits nor an atheist, but he is special to me n so was that moment. My guru held my hands and taught me how to hold the violin, the bow, the posture n all and I was playing "Open String Sa and Pa" ... ha ha =)).

It was past 8pm that day, and exactly once year since then I was at Vani Mahal (tonight) attending one of the earlier concerts of Sudha Raghunathan (ACE as I'd refer hence forth) for this season.

Yes folks, December Season 2005 is rocking n rolling. And I have plans to make the best of it at the cost of all. Already works in shambles to start with, but thats always the case even otherwise, so ;).

So it begins with ACE :) with her warmups. Only thing on my mind today were a problem and wanting to attend her concert. Not sure if I'd get the tickets being the 1st time, kept my fingers crossed. And I made it comfortably with some surprises.

First this gentleman, who welcomed me and opened the seat next to him, asking - "From US of A?". I was like "what the hell?", in my mind of course. Sat down with a glare, saying "NO". Another soul to whome I looked familiar (this time it was - "you look like my son, its been 4 years now since I'v seen him. He usually comes over for this season ... blah blah blah" #-o ). Against all odds, I got all too comfortable with him. Some of the perks of the season - greater probablity of meeting like minded people.

And the otherside an old lady (a patti), who has come down from delhi for about a month to attend the season :-o. I asked her a couple of times in disbelied ;;), whatever she thought for that. So people were all set - enthusiasts relaxing n getting snug, other with scratch pads and books that give the ragam and talam information for a song. And me with my official diary (putting it to good use finally :p) and my camera.

Chennai Reverberates - Samy reports from Sudha Raghunathans Concert @ Vani MahalPosted by Picasa

Singing - Shree Chakra Raaja Nilayee (Ragam: Sivasakthi) Posted by Picasa

Enough ado. I am only a dilettant so disregard any inadvertent judgemental remarks I may make. These are just my perspective of it from a pedestrian pov. Here is the list of songs I managed to note down -

  1. Yevareeyee %(*&(*@#!!&(#* - no idea :(
  2. srI mahaagaNapathim bajE - no idea, but google hints it is in gowLa / aThaaNaa :-??.
  3. Swaminatha Paripalayemam - not sure if I noted it correctly ~x(.
  4. tuLasi dalamulacE - \:D/ ... I was ecstatic when I heard the verses. Why? Coz one of my favourite songs from Ilayaraaja's - "How To Name It?", is based on this song ;)) set in maayamaaLava gowLa. The song goes by the title "Study of Violin" in that album. It was such a pleasure to hear the pure carnatic counterpart. But HTNI is seared in my mind. I was humming this song on my way back home. Imbibed over years of hearing.
  5. shree chakraraaja nilayE - in raagam sivasakthi. Started off with raagam improvisation after she proclaimed the raagam. And as she song I recognized what was comming - this song from the album Sankarabharanam ;). And it very well was. Enjoyed it IMMENSELY.
  6. paalvaDiyum mugam - set in naaTTai kurinji, another new song for me ;)
  7. a master piece my M.D.Ramathan - as claimed by the gentleman who sat beside me, :-?? .
  8. dhEhi thava - set in lovely sahAnA, I really liked this piece. Yet another new one.
  9. Om Saravanabhavanin Thiru Mandhiram - :-?? .
  10. aadi seedhaley yeshodey jagadhodharana - :-?? .
  11. Sai Bhajai - sai rAmA sai rAmA satya sai rAmA nAmA - :-??
  12. koovi azhaittaal - set in valaji. Another new track :).
  13. kurai onDrum illai - set in rAgamAlika. The 1st of the tukdas and the last too :D.
  14. mangalam
The concert was great for the two and half hours. ACE's voice didn't mend all the while. Few instances when it wouldn' listen to her were obvious, and that what makes live concerts interesting ;). But I'v seen it better during the april raamanavami festival at mambalam. The atmosphere was electric, and she wouldn't stop until she was seriously groggy and couldn't go any further. That was like an endurance run. An electric crowd, and ACE goin ballistic with the best of songs n peak performance. I remember her having said then, that programs with the sabha don't give as much pleasure as that prgm does. Sure I felt that today :(.

Much I have to learn from this concert. I plan to attend 2/3 more concerts of ACE's this season. I have quite high expectations when it comes to ACE. This was an very good concert, but I want to see her in her raakshasee form, unrelenting - more like who would quit first the artist / the audience; neegela / naana. Guess concerts through sabha's are different, and I'd get used to it :).

A year since I started learning, and how better can it get that to be @ ACE's concert marking the beginning of my spell for this season. Yippieeeeeeee!!!

Rigging my folks @ home for the upcomming ones. Scores of more artists to catch up with. So stay tuned ...

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At Thursday, December 15, 2005 12:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

......amazing you posted today's concert review so quickly!....

At Thursday, December 15, 2005 9:47:00 PM, Blogger Suraj said...

Nice review. I came here through my regular bloglines search feed for 'carnatic'. I've been learning Carnatic on the Electric Guitar from Mr.Shashikiran and Chitraveena P.Ganesh for slightly over a year now (I joined sometime in Oct'2004).

I've been listening to a lot of songs and that helped me easily start identifying ragas. Now I can identify swaras as well. The song number 9 is a Shanmukapriya. If song number '3' is 'Swaminaatha Paripalayaa sumaaam' then its in nAttai.

yes, sahAna is a very beautiful ragam. I love the violin parts in the song 'Anbey Sugama' (Parthaley Paravasam).

At Friday, December 16, 2005 12:10:00 PM, Blogger SamY said...

@anon: correction, not a review, a synopsis it was

@suraj: I ain't a prodigy like u yaar, I can't associate swaras with their names as I hear it, but on the instrument inadvertently I seem to @ times, its more of the movement of the music n my hand that I remember than the swaras, so when it matters most I end up in a black-out ... he he

sahAna ... yesss ... my current fav is vasanthA tho, rather any new raagam I come across with my schooling :) ... still my perceptions are not as tuned to identify it all ... someday I will [-O<

shall get in touch with ya sometime bud, ur blog seems interesting, will leave my trail there as well soon :)


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