Thursday, December 1

Freeya vidu, Freeya vidu, Freeya vidu maame, Aaru ku illai Gurantee

The heart throb of the south indian women folk, is commin up as Aarumugam (is this a stunt to match vikram as aaruchaami??) ... great expectations from the movie ... @ the least to boost his value even further in TFI

There is no easy way to say this so ... I didn't enjoy the music much, not even a wee bit :( ... so I'll keep this short :).
  1. Soda Bottle Kaiyela - Typical dabban koothu song, a pot pourri from signature vikram movie tracks and street songs. A total galeej song. Instruments - paatharam, buckets, n cycle chains, meelam ... ha ha.
  2. Thottutae - My 1st thought was that the 1st electronic segment was an adoptation inspired from Enigma's - "The Landing" (a fantastic track). And then the rest felt like "Kankalinal" song from Priyasakhi. Frought with mukkals n all crazy sounds. Mix of classical instruments and what not. Incoherence was the feeling.
  3. Freeya Vidu - a husky voice singing this, which reminded me of an old song with the similar motif, but this song - "katta vandee katta vandee" from sagalakalaa vallavan is proly close to the one I am thinking about ~x(. Good for konnam monnam dance during road trips n college bachelors parties ;). Beemani n solari were all >:P, worth spitting at. The lyrics kind resembles this song - "Mallu vetti maanaa madhireee, na pandhayathula vekka pooren vellai kudhireee" ... typical gaana track.
  4. Nenjam Ennrum II - (Read thru the nxt item b4 u read this). This is a much much better one, and could have been developed into a good track. But they cut this short to just within 100 secs.
  5. Nenjam Ennrum - its got the same javvunu iizhukkum precussion instrument as in "Theepidikka" from Arindhum Areeyamelum to the same length @ 3:00-3:20 of that song. Songs is a crap. The pastoral setting of instrument would be more befitting for songs like "Yelaa Yelaa Yelaa" (from AA). And rap to make it even more worse. "Pathetic" is the operative word.
  6. Dhurogam - a senti song, maybe adding to the plot of the movie. Quite a morose theme to it, like the one in Majaa. Not appealing otherwise.
  7. Paakaadhe - Very slow and sad track. Simple, yet banal and unimpressive.
My recommendation, please don't waste your time on this. If you are so stubborn / vetti, listen to the them in the order I put to take it to some extent.

Bottomline - Music is Disappointing :(. I really hope the movie makers gave no regard to the music, and have put in something else in the movie to make it sell.


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