Friday, November 4

Majaa Majaa'va?

Today's highlight was the movie Majaa. Not sure why I went for the movie? Asin maybe. But I don't find her all that amazing either, accepted for the fact that she is the prettiest of all the actresses around now :). But is she another passer by? Just a thought, seem actors stay much longer. As in (not asin :p) an actor is cast in movies and accepted by the people much longer than actress. Only until the next beautiful one comes do the old ones last. Hmm guess that how it works. Has she completely displaced simran and the others? None of those actress seem to be in the charts this season.

Songs in the movie failed to impress me :(. But two songs were okay. Definitely not the better ones of Vidyasagar. (Get a daub of the songs here and here before you decide to buy it.)
  1. Sollitharava Sollitharava - I rate this song as the favourite of all the tracks. When all other songs fail, this one track scores it all. More along the lines of "Suttum Vizhi" song of ghajini. Think I like the lyrics as it flows beautifully with the music score. Still not got the full hang of the meaning, but it sure muct be good like that Ghajini one I hope. A soul appeaser song. Definitely on my recommendations.
  2. Chee Chee Chee - My initial fit of revulsion was for the sensual mood of the song, but then after a friend said a couple of hearings could change my opinion, I gave it benifit of doubt. I like the segment as it raises with the lyrics "vambu pannuven naan vambu pannuven". A descent song again. Not all too impressive.
  3. Iyaaretthu (Chellame Chellame) - Another typical song in vikrams movies, along songs like "Kannalam Than Kattikittu" from the movie Saami. Liveable, for I liked nothing more in this track for the verses "Chellame Chellame".
  4. Podhumada Saami - is a senti song, so dont expect an entertainer here. Pheelings sangu ;). But I guess you can listen to it for the lyrics. Bit of meaning to it.
  5. Hey Pangaali - Maybe it should have been named "Majaa" it self. This song is typical along "Dhool" song. *phew* it took me a while to realize this now. "Gemini" song like sounds of grudge in the background do appear to adorn the song supposedly. Not impressive :(. So far I could not listen to this track even once completely off the theatre.
I have to rate "Sollitharava" as the best song in the album :), in fact its already on my charts now :). Others are not worth a recommendation.

Vaadeveelu has adopted his "Winner" movie style commedy more prevalently. So he it does in this movie as well. To there is a bit of laughter to yield to, only if you are not hardened to those. Once in a while the movie does hit along comedy lines.

My 1st laugh was for the lines sung with the tune of "Matchan Peeru Madurai" - "Matchaan Peeru Aadi, Avan singatha paatha beydhi #-o ... chee beedhi" ... ha ha ... did crack me up in the situation. The movie was frought with bone crackling sounds and regular fights of vikram with all the usual reverb. The villian reminded me of the one who appears in Gemini, less insane than him but puny after his defeat. The two bouncer like guys vikram fights, =)) omg!!! a totally hilarious fight sequence. The plot was seriously trite :(, but good that it did not use tragedy for an impetus.

Asin did not have much of a role in this movie. I liked segments where she is frisky n all, well a single scene only if I am correct :(. Guess expectations follows from Ghajini, in which but for her slight immaturity she made the movie quite watchable. Not enough acting here to be judgemental though. Her expression suit a more romantic and frisky role well. This was quite bland. Not something that would bring out her talents. She was as pretty as ever, just that I don't see her as all that beautiful - as per the Asin Phenomenon fan club.

Vikram is back in a new gettupu. Personally Saami and Anniyan movies, are a class preformance of all. With a meesai, sideburns and sometimes even mascara for a song if I remember right, n spangled arraignments (geez hez got some guts) he's tried quite a bit. Nothing great from his side. Even the hand gesture was not appealing. It was like our emot - :-c, just that it is outstretched. Neither was his olympics with his kerchief, which seems to be his fighting hat.

Manivannan character, well his bottle and him are inseperable. At one point I felt if the movie were goin in Sangamam style, thankfully it didn't :). Comical climax was attempted, n movie sappunu mudinju poochu. Just as vikram winning over the gal.

Mr Nattamai stuff was quite idiotic. And so was the other family story and all. Don't know his name (the guy who is nayantara's father in chandramukhi, ooop hez mr.nattamai too if I am correct), but his role seems all too similar. They seem to be in shambles and all of a sudden heavy harvests, okei okei. But their harvest seem to include pretty much everything in the market. Wierd it was, in addition to the fact that they didn't look like farmers. This potrayal of folks into agriculture is so misleading and far from the truth.

Guess people come to movies not to see the reality but to live a dream for those less than 3 hours. The movie is not all that good, but I expect it to run just as the dhil and dhool kind. Don't expect too much from the movie but for killing you time, and for guys watching pretty Asin is definitely in store. I'd actually gone for the buttered n steamed corn they make there, but unfortunately it was unavailable today :(.

so for those folks scheduled to go for the movie ... poi majaa pannu ma ;)



At Friday, November 04, 2005 7:08:00 PM, Blogger ada-paavi!!!! said...

movie la entertainment, this movie esp wit punch dialogues and flying villians than, also in the songs to sight adichify asin, if u expect anything else ull be disappointed

At Friday, November 04, 2005 8:57:00 PM, Blogger vee-jay said...

entertaining-a irundha seri!!! naan ticket kedacha innikku pakka poraen!!

At Sunday, November 06, 2005 9:59:00 PM, Blogger awakeningcoma said...

a okay movie , but the original version thommanun makkalum was better


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