Tuesday, November 1

deepavali blues

late (thnx to my tottering but nevertheless ... ineya deepavali nalvazhthukkal to blogsphere!!!

its been a great diwali with the night specials yet to come ;) ... but then some things about deepavali always brings back memories ... esp the mornings more than anything else

so I wake up today ... I rarely speak until I brush my teeth or @ least wash my mouth ... so apart from the hmm's ... the 1st words spoken -

"avalo yennai veendam patti ...

he he ... this I never miss to do a single year ... in fact its not even that oil which is boiled with pepper :) ... so much for the oil chronicles

but the so called growing up and moving along in life leaves you missing some thing while you get others

schooling days of course ... every deepavali there used to be competetion in the appartment as to who gets ready 1st and bursts the 1st pattasu :) ... ha ha we used to end up waking up @ 4 ... I still remember I used to wake up n hurry my folks @ home for thir rigmarole for the ocassion ... and then it comes ... a simple oosi vedi ... miniature saram ... but sounds loud enough ... our appt stairway used to echo well ... accoustically unsound :p ... but good for our purpose ... making sure the watchman ain't there in the vicinity, we set of one @ the 4th floor (mottai maadi, n flit into the nearest of our houses to hide ... all people come out to find it who it was n the lil trouble makers r gone ... they just can't point to one ... so it was fun to see their faces then ... 1/2 the people half asleep ... ha ha

n then the cracker competetion ... not just among us ... but with out neighbours ... they proly used to buy for nothing less than 50 grand to a lac :-o ... believe me they do ... thnx to them my folks were never able to watch T.V. coz their sarams last 7 mins avg and come back to back with a break only for their siesta ... 3 familys taking turns there ... so we refrain to burst then ... n when they all rest we take the arena with out bombs ... kept under kottan kuchi, n all sorts of stuff ;)) ... he he

nights were a spectacle ... our prodigious neighbours would go nothing short of the BIG ones ... so we take our vantage point ... sun-shades of the 4th floor (mottai maadi) ... of course without my parents knowledge ... most of the blasts happening @ just a safe distance and @ an elevation of just udner 30 degrees ... never more ... it was some sight ... parachute ... jewels stuff n all those expensive ones ... free tickets of course ... the best part was that the bunglow had a granite exterior so all those blasts didn't sound doom ... but dhung ... with high reverb :-" amazing

this new place has been very noisy ... unlike last year ... much more jubilation ... or is it just me in high spirits? whatever it is much of my kaasai karee akkaradhu is gonna starts in 3 hrs from now ... so adios

after 3 days by darn net connection seemed to work now ... still seemingly ... so gt test it for a while

hope everyone enjoys this diwali ... I still remember those slogans which used to come before in a poetic form - "Its diwali, play it safe"


At Tuesday, November 01, 2005 4:31:00 AM, Blogger Anbae said...

wow.. thankx for ur wishes and wish u the same...

hope u started enjoying light festival with crackers...quite enjoyable one a boon to enjoy but v fellows living away from india, loosing patience in thses days ...

even v were given with holidays v cant find the atmosphere,500 indians around me still missing atmosphere..ends with exchangung sweets and wishes....

At Tuesday, November 01, 2005 9:56:00 PM, Blogger SamY said...

understandable how much u r missing being out of india, I missed last diwali that way ;)

but the nxt diwali u'd have in india wud be such a blast, n I wish lot'a ppl abroad wud get to do that

surprisingly many people here refrain from celebrating it, saying they r too old n such crap, so ironic

At Tuesday, November 01, 2005 10:33:00 PM, Anonymous senthil said...

"play it safe" thats a popular slogan i reckon. ;-). so how your diwali..

At Wednesday, November 02, 2005 12:11:00 AM, Blogger SamY said...

@senthil: diwali was a blast dude, had an awesome day, warm wishes, enuf of TV, music, just enuf crackers, n gags to end the day, gud fun it was


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