Saturday, October 29

In the wake of diwali

Its been a tragic evening. The news if frought with unwholesome events, in the early dawn of one of the most celebrated festivals of the country.

The bomb blasts in delhi and the train which sunk into a flooding waters in andhra were the highlight of the news :(. People are all the most agitated, not by the incident themselves by the response from the indian bureau.

Trite condolence messages, and pep talks "we are strong" and all make people more irate than otherwise. People realize that now matter how strong or big a nation such things just happen. It is a question of what is done immediately after the incident, actions not words!!!

To my know how indian intelligence, millitary and police are quite efficient and notorious in their ways. Most of us being shielded from the truth. But after all they are human, and lax is inevitable.

No matter how string a lock you make eventually someone will learn to break it. For the 1st time I saw in detail charred dead bodies, fuming bodies from the fires. The video's were not sensor'd. It was quite graphic :-s.

The other incident - train plunged into a river in andhra. Many people keep giving excuse, that is how it works in the corporate world when I point at lack of quality. These incidents are a direct result of such indifference elsewhere. I ain't saying we can do a lot against the wrath of nature. Nevertheless every bit of quality we endow to the society pays, but we do otherwise and still expect the society to pay us heavy *sigh*.

I do no believe is condolence and such. I'f be glad if I can truly act in ways that can help them. I know scores of people would say it is a sad time and I am going to refrain from celebrations and such. I just have one thing to say to them, from a dialog that sivaji says -

in the movie Devar Maghan ... after the dam is sabotaged and people killed ... sakthi (kamal's character) refrains from eating ... n devar (sivaji) elucidates that your abstinence is not going to solve peoples problems ... you actions will ... so keep yourself in groves to be able to help others

people @ loss need hope more than mere condolence ... my celebration will be surrounded by the gloom, n tears I do reserve for em, and my prayers for them tomorrow to my anju ... media has already begun spreading the gloom ... some times I feel too much information alters peoples perspective

it is the light that humans seek in times of darkness ... right now that is what those affected need



At Monday, October 31, 2005 1:35:00 AM, Blogger IcEyeZ said...

ya..da..quite a bad prelude to diwali ! :-(


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