Saturday, October 8

yeahhh baby ... just a lil more n there v r

this is what the gods of the wheels (steering I mean) say when they get their hands on the best of cars :) ... well dinner time n I got a bit mumbling n grudging for my own faults ... but this program is just amazing and turned me ON ... Top Gear ... I just luv this guy :x Jeremy Clarkson ... absolutely fabulous, his extols n tear aparts are ... maaaaaan, it gives me the widest smiles n hearty laughs ... ha ha

today it was about the BMW M5 ... in a nutshell ... one of The Most Ugliest & Annoying Cars until the push of a button when it turns into an true M5 :) ... ha ha

Okay, the car is so cluttered up with features that it just gets annoying. When I used to see The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, I remember seeing an episode where Jessy's voice gives instructions in the car, and she just sounds soooooo sweet :). Well, until when you get to the climax where the the car breaks and the voice starts saying probably everything it is programmed for.

With the M5 you dont have to do that, for the car is so counter-intutive that you'll spend a lifetime to learn it (clarkson says so). And it feels bad, the engine doesn't feel like what it is supposed to, blah blah blah. You keep driving and loooo, a female voice giving you directions - "Half a mile to the next exit". So you feel WOW, okay so let me relax now and you turn on the radio. Murpheys Law kicks in and just when you don't want to be interrupted the voice comes again - "take a U turn just ahead" - "What the hell, I know it so just shut up". But no she wudn't until you turn the engine off :D.

But just a flick of a button, the engine rolls, the seats embrace tight to your contour and voice is gone :) and the vehicle just feels like what it should ;). Thats when he says the verse in the title ... he he.

I don't know to drive a car, but I njoi as much as I can sensibly on my old pulsar 150 (n I call him balrAm n totally enamoured with him). But belive me, I'v said similar things when the engine roars :). Until a couple of weeks, I used to travel 10 Kms one way to office. Hit the road on the right time, and maaaaaan!!! early morning or mid-night drives, when there ain't much on the roads, is bliss.

Hope to some day earn so much money and time to get to those amazing tracks in UK (no other place has beautiful tracks just besides the lush green). And learn to have all that fun, simply driving to oblivion (wudn't mind someone for company who'd njoi it as much :p ... but thats too much to ask for).

Ha ha .. I couldn't resist from writing this ... one lucky guy clarkson is ... I ENVY HIM ;))


At Sunday, October 09, 2005 11:35:00 PM, Anonymous senthil natarajan said...

not only this guy... i envy the guy in globe trotter and there is one more programme in Discovery.

they try new cars... go all over the world... hmmm..
lucky b******s ;-))

At Monday, October 10, 2005 12:04:00 PM, Blogger vee-jay said...

And I forgot to tell you, the moment i saw the name yodasincarnation I knew it was you, even before your second message!!! :-)


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