Friday, September 30

Is the Bubble Bursting?

a lovely morning after a 6 hr slumber ... class to start with ... better than usual ... got fresh n singing to "Oru Maalai" left in a very good mood to meet Mr aAnju ... taking a casual left turn ... only to be in red alert ... on S.O.B was overtaking an ambi which was turning in right ... basically this nut dude almost came right into me ... I was unscathed for I was drivin slow

n then down to the ATM ... no parking space :( okie livable ... an insouciant reply to my questions by the security ... I come back to see two bikes parker perpendicular at the back of my vehicle X-( ... why don't ppl have the least botheration for others? ... what if it were an old person in my place? ... does he have to wait for the moron who parker that way? ... THIS IS INSANE

and then for no parking space the guys jammed vehicles agains one another ... a brand new pulsar ... n a TVS with its wide knee guard stuck into the former ... the guy had to scratch to get his TVS out ... the owner then comes to should

if this place cannot give a basic quality to life and leads to bad ethics in society, how will people have good ethics at their profession? in the west strangers r so courteous to wish you as you walk past ... here the place is soooo fraught that people just become irate by nature. Who is to blame? everyone points their fingers

I don't think chennai is upto the influx ... n this is just the beninning ... IT surge is happening ... just as in bangalore :( (thats place is saturated) ... madras cannot handle it ... I avoid all this trouble by opening my shop in the early hours n closing it a bit early ... but sometimes u just can't avoid it u know

what incentive have I got to like this place? the fact is I do like it ... but I'm not gonna talk rave bout this place like some of my friends abroad do ... neither bout the place they stay ... but as you go on you expect some quality in life ... I don't see it happening around her ... I'm not rich enuf to own a car n employ a chauffeur for it :p ... if I did I'd proly own a web-space by now :D ...

but if I did, would it be any better? :-?


At Saturday, October 01, 2005 2:07:00 AM, Blogger vee-jay said...

take it easy! understand your frustration but just cant do anything about it yet...
And owning a car may not solve all your problems, I think. Parking 2-wheelers is much easier than parking cars..

At Saturday, October 01, 2005 4:57:00 AM, Blogger Slice Of Life said...

pangs of development...things will chnage...slowly

At Saturday, October 01, 2005 10:40:00 AM, Blogger SamY said...

read again ... I didn't say bout driving the car by myself ;) ... usually I avoid such confrontations ... but when I do ... I get irate X-( ... once u see quality life it gets difficult to take a step back

welcome here ... I suspect by then I'd be dust :))


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