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Ghajini Goes Bijili

it took me darn 1hr:10 min to get to prarthna drive in theatre from mambalam ... happy to have had a long drive on my dear balrAm ... but what was it worth

it was the ghajini craze ... I gave a cursory look into some reviews n got the gist so was not too surprised ... saw it with qute a bit of optimism ... so here is my synopsis (NOT A SPOILER) and my view of the movie ...

1st the gud things about the movie
  1. Surya - he has taken a completely different luks ... of course his hair which I believe is a wig :) ... the gals were like ... omg!!! if only guys were like this ... ha ha ... who wudn't say that ... the best part that I like about him is the way he promulgates his love (be it in Khaake Khaake, Ayudha Yezuthu or this one) ... and of course oru appAvee luks ... how does he make that puppy face :-? ... hez got the machismo n all ... I liked him since "Nandha" to be precise ... hez done a fairly decent job in the movie ... proly only commendable acting ... n yooo ... dude done descent dancing this time around ... but guess what in the song "Rangola" he makes movies like our super star as he can't dance much ... reminded me of "Thillana Thillana" song ;)) ... but hez taken up this perfect youngster luks here ... esp in those tuxedo ... tho he doesn't beat vikram as Remo in anniyan ;) ... he was the main reason I went for the movie :)
  2. Asin - I just never felt her to be anything but gud luk'n ... it stayed that way for most part ... admitted shez proly got the most beautiful sharp eyes ... but her conceited talks in 1st half of the movie was grossly affected ... pathetic if I can say ... maybe she thinks shez 2 cute ... or it was the director ... why is that actress's dun have much role now-a-days? she can turn out very gud ... only if ppl wud not have her flaunt ... shez cute n can make a gr8 role if they do give her one ... but in this movie I was disappointed ... I hate to say this but jothika wud have done gr8 for the 1st half ... the latter half was better though when ppl get into trouble ... shez done well in the tragedy scene =D> ... I gt give that to her ... her grerarity was not natural ... but after the proposal I think she did very very well ... the composure was befitting n flowing ez ... she can do better than this ... but "Rahatulla" song >:P ... I'm sorry if ppl find that kewl ... actually I felt sorry for her ... oooh yeah her dancing ... most part she doesn't smile when she dances ... therz surya with a happy face n she as if struggling to keep up :( ... shez yet another reason for watching the movie ;) I admit :D
  3. Nayanthara - *WHAT THE HELL* ... shez probably the biggest mistake in the movie ... nuthing commendable ... she ominously fat n what the hell has she attempted ... I loathed her very presence in any scene ... more of that as I rail
so much for the characters ... now to what I liked in the movie :)

the build-up story was a bit of fun ;) ... surya lived up ... the way the romance grew was made nicely ... it was just natural ... no profanity ... but the gal pullin him in for an undergarment ad n all ... n the luk on surya's face ... ha ha ... simply superb ... her talk with him oblivious that he was "Sanjay Ramasamy" ... was nice ... surya gave a magical touch to that :)

"Oru Maalai" ... na na nanana na na nananaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... my favourite track in the movie :x ... well the lines "aval alli vidda poikal nadu naduve konjam meikal" ... ha ha ... for once the lyrics in tune with the story :) ... I felt surya really gud in this one ... my friend n I just cud resist from singing ... well no donkeys around so :D ... not much from asin her but her catwalk's n a bit of flauntin around

"Suttum Vizhi" one of my other favourite song, n it was just fictitious ... soporophic mood say many ... but a very deep sounding song ... but, not in flow with the movie ... therz a small veena piece in there which turns me on everytime ... was elated to hear it as the duo step on the wet-cement ... picturisation was gud for most part but for some funny steps by surya ;)) ... it was like a clown @ times ... dance was okey ... didn't feel asin had much to this either but some nice expression when not dancin

there 2 songs r my recommendations for music enthusiasts ... rangola is an ez listener too ... bu the video was bit funny ... but I do suggest this review by Arvind if ur a staunch listener :)

the Action ... many say is a bit gory n very violent ... weeeeeeell maybe ... but I didn't find it 2 artificial unlike anniyan which was conspicuous ... luks like The Matrix is influencing every kollywood movie now ... tho a bit of exageration, most part of it was physical ... as in not effects ... the ppl were there ... maybe with harness n stuff ... but they were there ... the fight with the chimps ( =)) okie thats the twin vilians, omg they luk'd so funny ... btw were they supposed to make one feel fear ... hilarious it was ) in the showdown was a bit too much ... some of the stunts were indeed nice ... physics defying ... but not tooo unbelievable ... worth mentioning is the chimps holding surya horizontally n kickn him was a new stunt ... many of john woo's signature stunts were also there ... the chimps I believe was supposed to give the feel of two Agent Smiths vs Neo ... I can empathize their attempt ... but it failed miserably (n) ... the police who comes @ the initial scene was yuk ... waaaaaaaaaay 2 affected ... well build okey ... but just inane ... surya punching the floor tiles through water n all was unnecessary ... it spoiled the show ... all folks were like - "excuse me sir, what did he attempt", me - "no tension ... he was just washing his hands in the water" =)) ... the stunt to match rajni flying on a perfect horizontal trajectory made it trite ... but overall it was less funny than most regional movies ... and some some innovation and originality

What went wrong?

the main plot was a bit weak ... proly not enuf time to dwell amidst all the romance ... @ times the character gave a feelin of a split personality ... one a bit more composed ... other lil crazy ... such a patient out @ large was not very convincing but no weakness to it either ... the sound track many times tries to scare the audience maybe ... sounds like from movie omen n some kaalam kaalamage thondru thottu varum horrow movie sounds ... was misleading ...

nayanthara above all ... what did she thing ... she can vie with Yanna Gupta ... I dun wanna say how she luk'd with that ring in her mooku L-) ... she was bitchy ... I'll hold myself there ... the "X-Machi" song was horrendous ... plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dun see that crap ... guys were like "yendha college le maa indhaa maadhiri laam pannuvaaange ... na veelaiya laam vitutu ange poi join pannaren ... therinjuirundha naanum nalla padichuruppen " ... ha ha jocular of course ... shame no em to have come up some something like that ... all start'd with "Cheena Thana" ... shez so plump n got MRF tires (which even guys wud envy for their's wudn't stand a chance) n she goes exposed #-o ... in a tight leather swim short sized piece ... plz I give up ... I HATE that song as well now

then again her character was whimsical ... many a times in Cue (FF) ... shez proly tried to be glamorous in this movie ... all her reputation is proly down the drain by now ... its not even the dress ... asin's in much more flagrant arraignments ... but shez adorable in em ... but this dame's lost it ... the scene where she gives Mission Briefing to surya is proly the most funny ... it was just as stupid as it cud get ... and then @ the hostel for the final show down ... she was giving a pet talk to our protogonist (who can't remember past 15min n fails to recognize her often) saying whats suyanalam and podhunalam :-h ... it wud have been a twist to see him say - "nee ippo yenna romba confuse pannite, na modella unna kolla pooren ... apparum avangalai" ... n then of course "avano addi" n all that in sada style as in Jayam ... ho ho ... what a sense of humor ... her expressions of gawk n dismay was appalling to me :D ... phew ... glad to be alive

and above all else a big disappointment ... the song "Rahatulla" ... liked it a bit after a few hearings ... but the video :( ... c'mon asin is better flaunting naturally than with such luks ... tough gait is not for her ... none of the guys liked it ... it was rap'pish style ... the moves ... just didn't fit

and then the vilian ... he n his twin brother luk like chimps, hideous ones ... I doubt if they were added to make ppl laugh ... esp when they stare ... =)) ... candidates for a dilbert comedy strip equivalent ... they didn't have the imposing nature of underworld ppl ... bit of a comedy track for the movie

and then again ... is there no other topic but abuse of women by underworld n all for films ... okey its the fact ... accepted ... now this has been running for aaaaaaaaaaages now ... n I'm sick n tired ... its like sun t.v.'s exageration during kk's arrest ... by repeated telecast for a week or more X-( ... see movies like "Company" ... thatz a gem of a movie ... n therz more to that line ... plz grow up ppl ... everytime I see such things a fit of revulsion hits me


its not a gr8 movie ... u can watch the movie once for surya and asin's sake and their prankish flirting ... the romance side was nice ... not the best but watchable ... the plots a bit weak as such ... action is better than in most movies ... a bit of masala for the indian crowd as its always been ;)

surya has done good and asin was okey n can do better

well I had nuthing to loose ... I got to eat masala dosa for free (courtesy my pals) for having gone all that distance ... no remorse for not having seen it in satyam ... phew ... now I got this off my back ... to my chores n errands now ...

okie got some more hints ... knew that the story ain't original ... but now we know where it came from ... so for the benifit of some lazy readers ... memento ... well @ least the plagiarism was was expedient this time ... smart guys :) ... thnx to the many folks who refered to this link :) ... danx Mr. killerklown ...



At Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:27:00 AM, Anonymous killerklown said...

hey just check this site out

u will know why this movie won't do well as expected. (the orginal gajni)

an masala of a great movie


At Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:18:00 AM, Anonymous vinodh said...

hee..hee... lets complain abt such movies to the national human rights commission..yesterday i saw a..aah.These movie makers have become really heartless.

At Sunday, October 02, 2005 11:56:00 PM, Blogger vee-jay said...

Ha ha!! Another person who hated Nayanthara & the villain!!!! Less said about Nayanthara, the better - chee i hate her.
But I thot both Asin & Surya were great in the movie.. Surya looked too good as the billionaire Sanjay.. And the Surya- Asin relationship was presented very well - loved it!!

At Monday, October 03, 2005 6:10:00 AM, Blogger SamY said...

until recently never any opinion bout her ... but now I do :)

oooooh yeah the duo were nice ... just that asin was no good at making the thenavattu talks ... thats was the only likeable part of the movie if @ all any

At Saturday, January 07, 2006 1:43:00 AM, Blogger Gomez said...

i liked the 'oru malaai' song. picturization was bizarre however.. what with a group dance instead of a soft nostalgic setting! Suttum Vizhi was nice too, and am sure Surya developed neck and back aches after those funny stomping steps!


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