Thursday, November 3

Savage Garden the Album

Released in 1997, the bands already disbanded after just two albums that I remember (the other album - Affirmation released in 1999). My initial affinity to the other boy bands lasted nothing more than a months. Been visiting a few hangouts in chennai recently and was really surprised by the trite tracks of my school (incl. my college) days that instill a feel of revulsion.

Journey with music is a cycle, you start from regional, classical, pop, rock, hard rock, metal, heavy metal, new age and blah blah blah. And then you grow tired of the limited later and get back to where you started from. I guess some peer pressure is also reason for the growth, either way is good. I went back to classical which is an ocean, even a lifetime spent with it and you wouldn't end up covering much.

But just to travel back in time, to catch a little deja vou I decided to go back to pop with savage garden. That's not the whole truth :), LandMark has been selling these @ steal prices :p. And this was missing in my collection, as I'd been waiting for the CD equivalent of this album with spl remixed tracks which I luv'd. Well I settled in for this.

Don't remember having listened to it since my sophomoric days (after which I progressed to higher stuff). Nevertheless I vividly remember the prime stanza equivalent to our pallavi in tfm/classical for the tracks I love.

I ain't gonna write a review. Just to remind me of some of my favourites. As to Why I like Savage Garden?

Their music alone doesn't appeal to me as it used to but for my favourites. But yes, I do like their 1st album for the music as well, even now. Their second album though, it was the lyrics. Like Linkin Park, darren hayes is a bit emotional and it reflects in their lyrics, be it a low/high/romance/dance mood. So my inclination is more towards their lyrics.

A quick dump on my favourites in this album ranked -
  1. Truly Madly Deeply - I love the lyrics!!! I close my eyes n sing it and it feels ethereal. Simple yet as profound as it needs be.
  2. To The Moon And Back - Ooo Maan, an awesome track to sing :). Dream being the motif, this is one helluva track. A chartbusted then as the former. I love singing this much more than the #1 track.
  3. I want you - This is hard to sing for its seemingly breathless momentum. But after taking quite some trouble I did. It was hard to catch up as in the good old days but was not all that bad, the lyrics are rusted. The bgm reverb sets me ON. And to sing along is sheer fun.
  4. Carry On Dancing - This is a pure dance track as I see it. "Carry on keep on romancing ... Carry On Carry On Dancing" being the most appealing part of the song. I'v lost my inclination for this song, but still listenable. Unfortunately not as much enjoyable.
  5. Violet - I used to like this song a lot. Set in a party mood of bachelors. Another fantasy song. Talks a bit bout connection with another person. Easy listening. I used to love n call it suave before. But it sounds quite bland now :(.
But when it comes to singing out with happiness, my favourite song is still - "I Dont Want To Miss A Thing" - Aerosmith (OST Armageddon). I still remember me singing this in my hostel room aloud unafraid, when most people would be having their bath :)). Again its the lyrics that is amazing. Another band that I love for their lyrics is MLTR, and to a certain degree The Corrs (whome I like more for their music).

I don't know how I listened to the other tracks in this album. Guess those days are gone, and that SamY is gone. Don't think I'll listen to SG all that often, classical is an ocean and it appeals more - Beauty Infinitum. Nothing leaves me more placid and composed as classical, esp when you begin to see patterns and learn to appreciate the beauty in nuances. But the detour was nice indeed, a mild nostalgic feeling as I listened :).



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