Saturday, November 12

Movies Galore

Epic Stories being made made into movies and games have been quite prevalent. Movies I believe most people know. Likewise games being made with rights from the movies is again noticeable.

Lord of the Rings, The Matrix are noticeable ones in the game stands.

But how often do you see, movies being made based on the games. Who would want to right. Looks like there are enough people around to buy it.

The 1st of this kind that I remember is "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)". The Game spans about 10 releases :-o (ohhh yeah trilogies are nothing compared to this), there is so much crazy for the game. My interest was for the amazing in-game videos that were breathtaking, especially the character. For whatever reason I had a penchant for Manga art (no this is not like our local mangatha or sumthing of that sort :p, its a form of art). Even today the art-work of the game leaves me stupefied (still having the CD with those content, burned on a kodak silver CDR in 1999, and unscathed). The best part being their modelling of hair and characters and facial expression. And of course the damsel is always the prettiest, whilst the protogonist is quite a dork :( to begin with.

Comming back to that movie, the plot was disappointing tho my interest was the animation that these people pulled out which was hell impressive. Only today games can do close to that in real-time to certain extents. And again my fav. band LP's points of authority video is based on it ;), so ... The movie flopped big time in indian theaters as expected.

I am expecting another big-time flop show - Doom - The Movie. Ringing bells, its the infamous game that kicked off/popularized the game genre known as FPS (First Person action Shooter). The latest was Doom III which was again simply non-stop thud thud thud, but still impressed people amidst scores of people looking for good game play. I can assure that the sounds in the game can prove scary, it hit me hard quite a few times.

Can u imagine a movie made of such a game =)), absolutely ridiculous. 'The Rock' from The Mummy Returns is our hero soldier saving the race. Ha ha, it goes like this. Precursor: human race has occupied mars (just as in the classic movie Total Recall) and human race is experimenting.

"The last 10% of the human genome had been uncovered, and then ... ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE"

Just watch the trailer at the movie site, not sure if I can enjoy such a movie. But being a game enthusiast (not an avid gamer) think I'd check it out if at all it comes to the theater.


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