Friday, November 18

Sleepy Cat

after a bit of warm up in the morning I set off for my class ... as I stepped out I noticed an unfamiliar face ... its common for their kind to be lingering around thanks to my moms generosity ... she feeds them fresh food ... served hot from the cooker

and lo!!! I find this doll sleeping on our wave, he proly found it cozy in this weather compared to the floor / walls ... he he ... so I managed to catch him sleeping ... in fact, until I came down with a camera and took a couple of snaps he didn't budge

amma says this fello is mostly found sleeping around our service area regularly ... never knew of this member of our house

nice way to begin a morning with a smile :) ... thnx to Mr. Fluffy Cat ;)

gud morning dear


At Saturday, November 19, 2005 5:53:00 AM, Blogger ada-paavi!!!! said...

machi punai super da,

inda vandila dhaan nee mambalam to vadapalani in 10 minutesa??
machi inda vandila if u manage it ill mottai pottufy

At Sunday, November 20, 2005 5:29:00 AM, Blogger SamY said...

absolutely da, u'v got it all backwards, for such short distances it these scooters which r fast

btw not 10 mins, I'v made it once (all signals clear) in under 5, 10 is ez in any vehicle


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