Wednesday, November 23

Why wouldn't it just work?

Quite often pc user invariably end up in a situation where their machine just wouldn't work. Haphazard freeze's, the infamous BSOD, crazy behaviour (no, not short-circuiting like in Viva adv). Having got caught in the maelstorm called IT, I get to experience all too often esp. that I am with a comp min 12 hrs a day. I have probably tried out so many combinations, that failure is all too uncommon with my Dinku, unless its organs give up.

But I find all too often people end up with a bad comp, and not knowing what to do. Well I notice coz I get called to try and fix things, and usually I manage to.

Like wise people blaming that Windows just doesn't work reliably. Some go to the point of going burlesque. Though it is fun, sometimes it waaay too much. Even for that matter I realized sometime back the limitations of the PC design, @ least with the x86 ones.

I invested a huuuuuuge amount on a piece of hardware (Video card, for games n special effects programming) and within a year its outdated. If I ever had a wish, it would be a lifetime supply of video cards that I want (I'd settle with just one @ anytime; tho not for the SLI kind, not planning on having a museum).

The whole point is that the configuration of the PC we see everyday has such variety that the stability provided is by far an amazing job. There is a whole variety of configurations and such beyond ones capacity to enumerate it all. And we expect it to work smooth and fine, and crib and curse when something goes wrong.

Can you think of another equipment with such versatility? To be able to replace it on the whole, n have it work just as well and better than before?

Classic e.g. I'd give to this problem is the Game Consoles and Apple's PC's.

Game Consoles like XBox, PS, GameCube all have a fixed configuration, and all that can be done is done withing the realms of the h/w. Unfortunately the same game when written for PC has to work on a variety of h/w (varying by processor speed, bus speed, memory, memory speed, partition efficiency, disk space and above most of these a whole range of video cards). Only to find that a game wouldn't run on you PC, then complaint bout the makers or the h/w *sigh*.

Likewise the Apple machines, very simple for its just the power chord and the USB cabling that u'd see. NOTHING ELSE. Works like a charm but not for hobbiest and enthusiasts who'd want to tweak stuff around.

If only people would understand why PC are unreliable, before they'd mock it all. Guess the proliferation is wider than the literacy aspect when it comes to personal computing.


At Saturday, November 26, 2005 5:29:00 AM, Anonymous The Bard said...

Frankly dude,could not get all the techie stuff u spoke abt.But the final point u made was good.. folks blaming PC's left,right n center without knowing its dynamics... We need more 'techie'saamies like ya for the enlightenment.


At Saturday, November 26, 2005 9:08:00 AM, Blogger SamY said...

hey bard, gud 2 know your thoughts, n me no techie man, just that I learn bout the small world I live in ;)

gud to have u here :)


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