Thursday, February 23

The Legend of Eleanor

How often do you come across a movie that most of the people don't like. Then you realise that it is just you, and maaaybe the bunch of lunatic friends (birds of a feather) who love it as much as you do. Even though the movie ain't truly great, some aspects in it just appeal to you.

Its been well over a year since I saw this movie. Its was between oct 2004 until mid nov same year that I used to watch this movie over and over, rather had to. This movie was on the list of media contents for an airline entertainment system.

And this song was my solace then to pep up my spirits - "Bring Sally up and Bring Sally down". I just luv :x that song. I remember the time when I sat in theatre with my college buddies. The moment it started as we scuffled for out seats, we stared @ one another with a unanimous smirk. And then it was a bunch of souls rocking inside to the tune :).

The movie stars a modified '67 Shelby G.T.500 @ Eleanor with "Memphis" our protagonist, who sets out with his old buddies to flip 50 cars overnight. My personal inking for the movies starts from my love of the cast, and a fast simple entertaining nature of the movie. And of course some lovely dialogues. I like the one where "kip" says "I am in control of everything" and "Memphis" cool'y retorts - "The kitchen is on fire" ;). Of course the little conversation b/w "Memphis" and "Sway" before they boost :->. The movies got a rusty tint to its appearence all through, which adds to the appeal.

Needless to mention, it ain't a great movie. This movie among many others (as gladiator, braveheart) is a good example to how much the sound and audio can add to the intensity of the feel. The entertainment industry be it movies, games, music, theatre relies on being able to touch the human emotion for it success.

The potrayal of "Memphis" slithering his palm over the GT500, well not so instilling had it not been for the background score, at times gives me goosebumps. And so with the chase and the finall showdown in the bridge to longbeach. Add to that the escapade through the canal with the nitro on, which was too conspicious that it had been shot with a higher frame rate @ lower speeds and shown @ normal frame rate to give an illusion. (Reminds me of Hyper-Thrust in the T.V. series StreetHawk, jessie mack taking a 180 degree turn @ 300mph). There was no depiction of lack of control and the vehicles tendency to slide at such speeds. The only thing that gripped me to the movie amidst such high paced action was the suave music.

But not too often when we see a movie do we take some time to appreciate the music that brings out the final touch. Think of 'Gladiator', where the enormity and Crow's flabberghasting act gave it a boost. Ever imagined how rivetting was the sounds n music? Be it that of the sword or when he finally falls? Watch 'Troy', great picturization only tantamount to its lousy sound/music which didn't live up.

Guess I'v been digressing from beginning to end #-o. Don't think what it is that I am trying to say, just read along and move :p. Been experiencing some unusual neural activity with cross synaptic firing and rybotic scarring throughout the cortex :D. So live with it ...



At Saturday, February 25, 2006 4:53:00 AM, Blogger smiley said...

u r right. the action the music all have to merge perfectly for a classic good movie

At Saturday, February 25, 2006 8:53:00 AM, Blogger SamY said...

but somehow I am into believing that sound can make a movie luk gud even when the picturization fails a bit, but not otherwise


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