Friday, February 10

When u can't say "I Love You"

I came home after a regular day of work :) ... with trifling gaiety as ever ... unaware of the glum atmosphere :-| ... reason for which is beyond my comprehension :-?? ... all that mattered to me was that someone I loved was right there upfront ... with tears rolling down ... I did not know what to do or how to react :( ... had it been for the ego I would have run down n hug'd tight >:D< n wept in arms cover ... but I couldn't, I didn't ... I was compelled to stay put

I was confused ~x( ... I stood appalled and lost ... staring at you with hesitation and anticipation ... n so did you ... I wanted to say how much I loved you ... but I couldn't utter a single word ... if I could I'd give up all else and come to you ... my beloved's care and love means soo much to me ... I am bereft of it for no fault of mine :( ... what did I do to deserve this? ... am so living in memory and yearning for those good times we'v spent before ... together 8-> ... only a dream now

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