Thursday, January 5

Lost in time ...

Ever started a day when you are not sure what day-of-the-week it is, lost track of time? And how often do you infer it from the clothes you are supposed to wear ;).

Well I started the day thinking it was thursday. And then realized I was not supposed to were a t-shirt today (now don't embarass me by asking why *blush*). And then the supplimentary fact that I did not see chidambara ragaseeyam the night before ;) was assertion enough. Final confirmation from my gf of course.

Yippie only 6 more hrs to go for the weekend ... am supposed to be happy but am not ... coz I am still unplugged #-o


At Friday, January 06, 2006 9:07:00 AM, Blogger Zeppelin said...

yen da ambi.. gf irukumbodhu yen da mathadhellam yosikare...avala ketta modhallaye confusion avoid pannirkalam la... ;)


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