Sunday, December 25

idhu yenna pereeya computer science'a?

that a dialogue by manivannan in the movie 'pista'. And don't get ur imagination wild, I didn't see just movie. Just an observation as I passed by the TV box.

I even remember a viva adv where the kids works so fast the computer bursts into flames, =)) like those age old movies in a bygone time. Made me wonder for a moment :-?, as to what is computer science in a more pedestrian sense. I picked the pedestrian motif, because of the sheer number of people getting into it which makes it seem all too trivial now. Esp. the fact of being in a big software establishment and earning a lot of money.

When it comes to engineering at least (and not management) I'd go by the following -
"thinking more like a machine and less like human"

anything else that resembles the above pattern of thinking - factory workers? video gaming? ... what else?


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