Tuesday, February 14

Why So?

Why is that Indians are so servile and not commanding? There are a vast difference between being nice and being so fawning (pammaradhu as known in local chennai dialect). It was disgusting to watch it. How do such people even expect others to have a respect for them *sigh*. Even in desperation that would be just way too much. Blandly said, the person was cringing to say "I am desperate to impress you", the words a bit scattered through the talk though.

Worse than that most Indians are subjective in contrast to the objectiveness of the others (predominantly non-asian residents if I might add). You are having a discussion on a subject and just to make a conversation (or to brag, or maybe to refrain from being silenced) people talk of gibberish and everything remotely connected to it. Was that to show there excellence in related subject matter? That they know something, though they know nothing of subject at hand?

If there is one thing about Indians, it would be their excessively outspoken nature. We talk, talk and talk. Nothing can shut us down. Lost the very little respect that I had for that person, not that what I had before was any substantial. Realized how loyal a subject he/she was.

Is this servitude emanating from the labour intensive society that we live in?


At Wednesday, February 15, 2006 2:59:00 AM, Blogger Jagan said...

"I am desperate to impress you" - this is something u get to c in most of the govt office machi ..the junior staff cud do anything to get into gud books of seniors .


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