Thursday, August 21

Green peace

Imagine you look up at the clear sky and you find trees from the sides mushrooming over the path you stand in. Leaves appear in golden green and the dew drops sparking in the sunlight. Its as if the tree was decorated with glitter. The sun comfortably hiding behind some branches and showing nature in all its glory. Beautiful display of colours and hardly any sound but for those of the branches and the mild cold wind which picks up the hair blocking the view. It was as if god opened up the door to another world.

As I watched I noticed the sweet singing of some unknown bird. It was too high to spot but it was hopping on a branch everytime it voiced the music. Bliss to the ears while amidst the tranquility of nature. As I was prying to get a good view of it a gust of wind shook the branches and the tree showered me with dew drops. I was out looking for some warmth at heart and these cold dew drops did their trick :). I closed my eyes to feel it for a while taking a deep breath and *tok*, twigs fell on me waking me up from my blissful indulgence. But this was one that made me don a smile of satiety. Don't remember when was the last time I had such a smile :p.

I continued to look for the bird and a *splotch* sound beside me. It was a crow that decided to bomb. Then I realized where the idea of aircraft bombers must have come from :D. Imagine the amount of bombing the guy could have gone through ;) or maybe he just thought nature was brilliant. He he. I was fortunate to have been outside the blast radius and I decided not to play dice any more :D. So I moved on as usual.

This incident sort of reminds me of how we fail to recognize things that make us happy day-to-day. Instead we run around hunting for those that give a rush and doesn't last. It reminded me of how much I've taken for granted people and things very much around me which leave me happy from the inside and instead I go in search of ephemeral bliss. Like they say in tamizh - "irukaradhe vittu illadhadhukku parakkaradhu". For the benefit of those who don't quite get that tamizh verse, its like hunting for gold all life only to realize later that you were always sitting on top of a gold mine. Only you never realized it and now its gone ;).

Sadashivnagar park has become quite an asset to me. Almost daily I take a walk past it just to unwind my mind and my eyes. This is probably the best thing about Bangalore - the lovely parks :). Every time I walk past I notice the gardener who diligently tends to the plants making them blossom at their best for those who come to take a walk filling their lungs with fresh breath. Interestingly he stays oblivious to those innumerable couples who find it a place for love making (now I don't mean talking). I guess he sees a life beyond that.

Such walks usually end in an introspective conversation with my other self for various reasons. But one of these days I just wanted to shut down my mind from thinking :D. (Don't ask why.) It was the most beautiful sight and experience when I looked up. Its been raining every now and then here and the trees are sooooo beautiful. I stopped for a few seconds and my eyes were misty.

I don't have a camera here so I wanted to remember that sight so I can perhaps paint in someday. This reminds me that I was good at drawing and painting at school. This weekend am gonna go over those countless certificates I got at various competitions :). I wanted to indulge in something very different. Keep reminding me to post a picture of my last sketch - a tortoise, ha ha. I am sure I've preserved it somewhere although the paper would have become a bit pale. Let me dig that this weekend.



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