Saturday, February 25


Over 5 years back, in a village a couple of kms from NH-7. Abode for sophomores like me, many bullies and freshmen in an amphitheatre, each cell having the vantage to look at every other from the door step. Two teams already up in the misty morning for their volley ball rendezvous churning up a grey cloud of dust from their foot work. At another end of oval structure the shuttlecork flits across a virtual court with a jute thread indicative of a net :).

As the sun begins to shine in the morning, the zephyr waving the paddy fields all around, people are waking up to the "bhoom" sound of the volleyball and to the sound of All-Indian Radio FM. Chennai FM was one of the cheapest and accessible entertainment even 75km away from chennai. At night some of the rooms will have visitors just to work as they listen to those movies broadcast on the radio, and of course songs, dance and all that follows. But the day always start with the news - "All Indian Radio, Chennai vaanooli nilayam, neeram yezhu mani mupadhu nimudam padhinaindhu nodee, inee thodarvadhu ... seidhigal, vasippadhu - saroj narayan swamy".

Mr. Ayya as he was called would come out wearing his lungee with the chair outside along with his hand radio. He was the personal alarm clock of many in this place. So he leaves the place benevolently on his errands to wake up all the folks who have made their kind reservations. Meanwhile his rommie Mr.Peey (the ghost) takes hold of the radio and picks up the news paper from the cell whose inmates would wake up the last. While other deligent followers are already at the 'Akka' kadai for the morning tea, vadai and tiffin on account of taking a puff in the morning :D. The sun light begins to sweep the amphitheatre slowly in an arch.

One soul already up and taking a short doze off, having done with all the morning formalities ahead of the rest. There is a scuffle between people reserving their bathrooms and those in queue for their share of hot water, and of course the usual bullying using their leverage. One fat soul just waits outside his room in his towels soap box and other bath accessories, enjoying the match.

The rommie next door suddenly begins to sing :-" out loud, thinking most people are in the bath and no one would bother or be bothered. This fat soul GV (as most people addressed him) was, and decides to peep in. Notices the most unusual person singing oblivious to everything and joins in. Mr :-" pauses for a moment, then they resume their discordant singing. Its like one of those signature songs of a clique, which urges them to drop what they do and just sing along, no matter how cacophonous it is.

dooooooooin dooooin doooin dooin doin ... back to today ... ooooh btw all that was flash back :D

Been a really long time since I heard this song by aerosmith ... I love it more so for the lyrics (listen to it here) and of course I never used to miss the music video ... just to watch Liv Tyler ;). I happened to listen to it today and these were the sweet memories that flashed though as I listened to it, and of course I still remember the verses of the song very well :) to sing along. But I do mind singing =)) in view of the poor souls around, unfortunately they'll have to put up with my relentless humming.


At Friday, March 03, 2006 10:10:00 AM, Blogger Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

AH...tht was quiet scary ;) and descriptive too. Keep writing.

Have a nice day,


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