Monday, March 13

Perks for the unemployed

240 Crores to accomodate Rs.500 per individual, registered with the employment exchange and is unemployed (in delhi or some restricted locality) !!! WOW

reminded me of the crazy politician in the movie gentleman who promulgates Rs. 500 as pay for every student under a certain scheme ;))

of course, complaints already pouring in that the money ain't reaching ... n more hilarious was the guy who asks "how many days can I survive with this amount?" ... I was floored at that question 8-| ... seriously :p

I know there are people prowling to say - "hey you have a job so you speak" ... I agree ;)

I ain't gonna justify or give any advice, on this front ... thats for you to realize at ur will :) ... but just look at our tsunami victims who said a NO to material / monetary help for their sustenance ... but they asked for help to rebuild their means to sustenance ... for once I was mighty proud to be an Indian ... seeing this generation who refused to succumb to the external niceities of the politicians (no offence intended) and choose to stand by themselves

Reminds me of a quote - "Give a hungry man food and he'd ask for more tomorrow. Teach him to catch a fish or grow crops and u'll save a lot for thyself and the man in need." (Adopted from the Kuwait Fund Adv.)

It is never enough to help someone, but it probably would be to help them in helping themselves.

Read more of the story here ...


At Wednesday, March 15, 2006 2:16:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you please post the link to the news about unemployment money?


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