Sunday, July 30

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici

"By the power of truth, I, a living man, have conquered the universe"

"V for Vendetta" stands well apart from others I'v seen in recent past. Ucompromisingly gripping moview it is. It has every element that would make you predict and go wrong (well now that I'v said it u'd probably make a good guess). The only clue I had was the movie trailer which set my mood to not miss the movie.

The movie keeps the plot simple - vengence, set in a political back drop for the story line. The chancellor's regime comming into power potrayed similar to Hitler's Nazi regime.

Our protagonist who goes by the title 'V' is set to take vendetta on those who were responsible for what he was, masked by his outfit and smiling face mask.

The 1st impressive part of the movies was V's fast reflex stunts with his knives. Esp with the trail of the knife movements it just looked jawdroppingly awesome.

The 2nd impresive part of the movie is that such flicks usually have banal dialogues. But here you find the deliverance by 'V' quite scintillating and enchanting. Not what you expect of an action hero. The suave demeanor and husky voice, and his composure back at the Shadow Gallery was quite unique for a hollywood flick.

The movie does have some ficticious setting so better be prepared to take on some BS if you want to enjoy this one.

The other reason why I enjoyed the movie was Natalie Portman, god she is such a doll. Is it her eyes ;;)? She has done a good role in this movie.

Maybe this is given to having had involvement from The Wachowski Brothers /:) (same guys who made The Matrix Trology). There has been so much importance to the symbol 'V' here.

At the onset of the 1st fight, Mr.V delivers a speach mostly with words starting with the letter 'V' but for scattered prepositions and such. Leaves you stupefied.

Even the way he holds the knives before throwing it at his combatants. The orchestration of fireworks, and the list goes on as to how much this letter is being linked with (just as in The Matrix movie, with numbers like 101).

The movie does have some scenes which turned me off, but if you can filter those off you should be able to enjoy the rest laid back.

Bottomline, this movie is simply awesome among the recent flicks. I'd definitely grab my copy of the DVD once it hits the shelves.



At Monday, July 31, 2006 5:41:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

Miss.Portman is indeed a doll. Nice review of the movie...let me see if I can watch it sometime soon.

Busy Samy? :)



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