Sunday, September 24

The RebelZ are here with their Parody ... watch out

Well yes! The folks are finally comming out with their first production - Phantom Parody.

A brief note of introduction on Team RebelZ- these are a bunch of software profession who wanted to get more out of life than just their pay package and have all the fun doing it.

Few of these guys are my best pals and the rest by virtue of our hang-outs. The happy go lucky guyz have it all - an amazing composer, a poet who writes lyrics for music composed who happens to be directing this play, a script writer who has scrapped so many ideas (even more than that 1st perfect love letter ... he he), happy go lucky guyz working out on the roles. There is a lot going on.

And guyz practicing and reworking on their flaws everyday after long hours of coding, I think its beginning to pay up :).

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be at their practice session for evaluating it. And boy did I get engrossed into the story. Its pure drama. I don't trip on theater shows often but if it ain't good, I definitely doze off. Okie okie, enough ado.

About the play

The best part of the play is the fact that the plot is all too simple depicting the happenings in our daily lives. I you'v read this forward about a guy describing about his trip to USA and enjoyed reading it, there is every chance you'll probably like this too.

My favourite part of the play was that it brings out some subtle facets of life that many of us deliberately deny just to make ourselves look/feel better at the outside. It exposes the sham that many people put on. And then the events that drive a unexpected change.

The Story

The story is about a Rendezvous between two pals – Sam, a Non Reliable Indian in the US of A for the past 6 years and Sri, his school time chum who has just arrived in the land of the free. What starts off as a normal Sunday morning meet up turns into an emotional roller coaster for Sri and Sam in particular.

The show is happening here in Chennai on the saturday and sunday evenings of the weekend ahead, so go grab your tickets at your nearest landmark outlet / odessey adayar! Come over to see what these software guyz can churn when creative. And who knows? they might turn into a full-time theater group in the years to come.

Ohh yes! I'll be there :) but part of the off-stage logistics and stuff.

Herez SamY wishing the very best for the RebelZ Team. Hats off guyz! It takes a lot of courage to get going this way. And hoping to see some of you guyz turning up for the show :).



At Sunday, September 24, 2006 11:18:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

hey this sounds like a very interesting play. Wish I could catch it sometime here too?


At Saturday, September 30, 2006 10:39:00 PM, Blogger Kavi said...

I am an amatuer theatre person myself ! And any new play always throws hope.

Wish your friends all the luck in the world ! The plot looks very interestng !!

At Saturday, September 30, 2006 10:57:00 PM, Blogger SamY said...

@keshi: they r not yet local ... they just managed their first

@kavi: hey glad to know that ... do check out their web site ... worth knowing ppl of similar interest ... keeps the drive :)

The 1st show turned out very well indeed :), plenty to improve upon. had few surprises from the crowd. nevertheless u can't please em all ;)


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