Thursday, August 24

Javelin Hurlers - India's Pride

Oooh btw, before I begin; if you are a good javelin thrower or for that matter skilled at throwing anything you can lay hands on with accuracy, then you should consider a career towards becomming an MP.

Its nothing short of shame for the nation. It was not as bad as this, but definitely a disgraceful representation of the government. Do you think a democracy where people have the right to bully another person to death, sitting in the parliament unacquited is a worthy one? A just one? What e.g. does it set for its people.

I do agree that democracy entails opposition. But as much as India being one of the largest democracy, it can also brag of one of the most disgraceful and ill mannered representation of a country. Not to say every person in the parliament is so, but with no proper enactment of a rule of conduct but for the speaker walking out of the house when he is out of control, it is an absolute disgrace. In fact people have noted that the parliament seems to be a place where politicians fight over their petty differences, personal issues and political vendetta than debate over issues of the state which concerns its people.

Again the reservation policy. The funny part is that the government announces that these policies are brought in to enable the under-privileged (who can't afford education) to access higher education and such. The truth be told, these reservations rarely reach those in true need. Wide survey and from my personal experience in my circle, I'v know the people of the sections of society who actually avail these reservations are much much well to do than most FC's and quite honestly don't require reservation. In fact they are able to content with most other and just by virtue of being an MBC and such get favoured in a better school.

If the objective of the government is to provide reservations for those who are unable to afford, why is it based on cast and not the socio-economic status of the candidate? The government has not been able to supplicate their claims as to how it would help the deemed under-privileged.

After all this is done, the goverment takes great pride in the people who have come up despite such let down. Tallented people who get stifled by such laws grow and government takes pride in that *sigh*. Worse yet the government thinks that by sitting for a talk with the protestors is below their dignity, that it undermines the power of the government. Sad state of affairs.

All I can say is - Reserve for the incapable & forget the able, and so will they. India has been growing because of its talent. Loose the talent and I guess anyone can make of what will turn out to be the Indian Superpower that so many predict she'd be. India has grown to this day owing to its capitalistic policies and not communistic ideals.

Guess none of this will ever makes sense to the politician or government. They'v got more pressing issues to handle than the country. Demeaning the opposition, their next election *phew*, buzy bees.

If I'am not mistaken Jawaharlal Nehru used to sleep 6 hours or less a day. So much for a man who shaped the nation. Wondering if there is any scope for such worthiness it todays politics :-?.

The most worse part is, I am a sitting duck #-o.


At Thursday, August 24, 2006 8:02:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

**as much as India being one of the largest democracy, it can also brag of one of the most disgraceful and ill mannered representation of a country.

ur spot on there! So it Sri Lanka. Democracy my ass.



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