Friday, December 1

December Season Spl

The festival has already begun and I am missing it. I hate being so grounded :(. Anyway, last year I collected all the kutchery information into a planner kinda excel sheet. I wanted to program it to pick concerts by my constraints, but I really couldn't sit at it.

Here is the link to my Dec 2006-2007 planner. I really found it useful in picking the kutchery of the day :)). Besides, it has helped me cover a good number of artists too. Hope some of you will find it useful. Hopefully by next year, the planner will really do more than just group em all by days.

WARNING: It is not an exhaustive list. I still haven't scratched a few good sabahs, so will update them soon :).

Note: The macro's that are part of the excel are to change the colours based on the day of the event. So unless you intend to edit it, you can safely choose to disable them. Its quite rudimentary, so don't bug me over the bugs :D.

Btw for those of you who feel lucky and can manage to catch it - Aruna Sairam is singing today, the 3rd at Narada Gana Sabha @ 4:30pm. In most likelihood the tickets would already be sold as always #-o.

2:33pm: I am done with my DC'06 planner :) *phew*. I have tried to put in as much information as possible. I couldn't assimilate all the dance programs though. Hope it comes in handy. Do send me suggestions on how this could be improved.

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At Sunday, December 03, 2006 5:45:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

wow thats one heck of a plan man!

btw I checked out those links...nice pics :) ty sooo much Samy!



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