Saturday, August 30

Honoured ...

It was an honor to watch V.S.Narasimhan Sir, VVS, G.S.Mani, Srivatsava and Chandru Sir on stage all together. Such a rarity I say. I sooo wanted to have my copy of Resonance album autographed by Sir V.S.Narasimhan Sir himself :). It would be a blessing for me. Only later did I realize that I gave it away as a gift. Its one album that I have loved to listen to since my school days. It never ceases to leave me in bliss. What can I say - an opportunity I missed.

Such humility :-o, my hearty pranams to you Sir :). Hope I get a chance to meet you some day and get your blessings.

Btw it was CARVA's Anniversary Festival for the year 2008.

You come home Zoned out and sick only to realize you are pretty much along even though technically otherwise. Life has changed and all things said and done you are on your own. Hmm. Perhaps I've become old. Guess I was on low energy levels. Hmm.

On the bright side I guess I gave a few people something they'd wanted for long :). A little happiness that I could offer to others. And surprises too :D. Gives me some gratification. Might not be appreciated by all but, nevertheless.



At Sunday, August 31, 2008 9:32:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

Samy where's ur honor for me? lol!



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