Sunday, August 24

You never know what you are leaving behind when you move on in life. Life has changed so much for me since the new year. Only now has the turbulence mitigated and clear skies seemed to be on the way :). Good times so to speak.

So much I (had to) shed and so much I gained. And here comes a time when sweet rain seems not too right. For all I know I could be leaving behind something I shouldn't be in search for something that I'd probably never find nor does it exist. It eerie and uncomfortable. Its not fear. Its just that I wonder if am too demanding on myself lost in a race that no one ever wins. The winners are only those who pick their rewards as it comes instead of ignoring em and hunting for a bigger treasure.

I guess not all things in life come along in our journey of life. I can only hope that I don't repent for what I will leave behind. Like I always say to near & dear ones, we tend to hunt for gold all our lives not knowing it were there with us all the time.

The ironical part is you can never be sure about it! *duh* ;). Guess life is a gamble after all. One where you just decided that the choices you made are all for good to feel good about it all, howsoever it may turn out. For now I can only take what it has to offer. No more dare devil stunts this year :D. That's not me, but let me give it a try :).

For now I can only go along the wind.



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