Wednesday, September 3

Don't blow too hard ;)

As trivial as it may seem it is NOT. The highlight of it was the following, which I never knew until today :(.
Avoid blowing your nose too hard. Too much pressure will force infectious drainage into your ears and sinuses.
Who would have imagined! My Doctor asked me not to blow I never listened just coz he never said why! Rather all he said was that blowing nose is a torture to your nostril which al already inflamed.

Its the second day now and am thankful that I was able to sleep a bit last night at least. The previous night featured tossing and turning around until I was too tired to stay awake which wasn't too far from when my alarm struck. I knew all the pain had to be something with my blowing the nose like that. And then I bumped into this - How to blow your nose. As silly as it may sound people like me would appreciate it :p.

It wouldn't take more than a minute so do read it. It can save you from a few bad days ;).



At Wednesday, September 10, 2008 10:52:00 PM, Blogger Nautankey said...

Ahemm...pretty misleading title tehre. And yeah blowing a nose is not a good habit and imgaine if you get too addicted and end up doing it in a social gathering. Will check the link for blowing gyaan :)


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