Friday, September 12

In memory of his guru

Just one amongst the many many lives that a legend from Perumthottam shaped :). What can I say - proud to have been born in you lineage!

Dear Sri Nathan,

Words are but frail substitutes and poor vehicles to express my sense of gried on the sad demise of my revered Guru - your father.

The other day, when I came to share my feelings with you, you were away performing rites & hence this letter.

The association with your father cannot be measured by the number of years that I work with him but by the quality of relationship that existed between us. It was beyong the conventional realm of friendship / philosopher / guide.

If I could boast of any little knowledge of banking, it was all due to the strong foundation that he laid for me. He was a colossus among the giants of his time. Not a day passed without the then Regional Manager phoning my guru seeking some reference in current / past circular issued by Head Office under various headings. He was a repository of knowledge yet humble and had not pretentions if he was unaware if a thing. Though wedded to the profession as a management expert he carefully divided his time between the chores of domestic front and officialdom.

A loving father, devoted husband, the patriarch of the joint family, a disciplinarian, administrator, he guided everyone in the right direction in their own fields. At workplace, he never let down anybody and had the moral courage to shoulder the responsibility for the mistakes commited by his subordinates. He had a large heart to praise the staff in front of others and chide them for their faults in private. I may required reams of paper and barrels of ink to describe his handling of men and matters during his banking career. Hence I confine only to what comes uppermost in my mind.

He never minced matters when opinion was sought on issues. He was respected by management and unions / associations. A rare event those days. He used to draw lines even in an informal chatting so that none exceeded the limit, unwittingly even inviting comments.

At a time when "overtime" income was considered to be the principal income and "salary" as subsidiary income, due to his time management and shuffling of staff, the payment of overtime was the minimal wherever he headed.

His style of inspection of hypothecated godwns / stocks was not a mere ritual. In the presence of the customer himself he would correlate the movements of stock and operation in the current a/c so that the borrowers never fudged figures & always kept on tenter hooks.

As I said earlier, his deeds cannot be confined to writing on a fullscape paper. He was an encyclopedia & I had the previlidge to read it from close quarters.

I have no words to console other than saying God alone is the consoler and Time along is the healer.

Yours Sincerely


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