Wednesday, December 10

Change of mind

I usually listen to songs before seeing the video. Of course my first impression is based on how it sounds.

I loved the songs from the movie "Sakkarakatti", i.e. until I saw the videos. Esp. the song "I miss you miss you da". Chinmayi had sung the song so nicely and it had a magical touch to it. I can't believe the movie makers made such a bad video for it. YUK! I haven't had the courage to see the video for the other.

It was the other was around for varaNam Ayiram. I listened to the song "anal mElE panithuLi" not even once before I decided to skip. It felt soooo sad. Only when I saw the movie I realized it was more of bouncing back than remorse. I listen to it now-a-days even though it ain't great :p. And I've become a bigger fan of the song "mun dhinam pArthEnE" after seeing the video. Loved the classy touch to it :). The video for "nejukkuL peidhidum" was tantamount to the song. No disappointment or changes there ;).

Any such reversals that you've experienced?



At Thursday, December 11, 2008 7:10:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

our tastes and memories change from time to time :) but there r some old songs that I still listen to and hvnt got tired of em at all!

btw I updated that post...come n check it out Samy ;-)



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