Saturday, December 6

Kannamoochi Ennada

Just finished watching this movie I've been wanting to see for ages. This movies comes next to "Kanda Naal Mudhal" in my favourite list. Such fine drama on the screen. Its not entirely practical and the dramatic scenes are just perfect. Just what you'd (I'd) want for on silver screen. Enough masala and parody but never too serious. Thoroughly loved it!

The big downside to the movie was Sandhya. She was probably cute but somehow she didn't fit well as it got serious, where it demanded acting. But much much better than the roles many others get to do in the field.

Only there was one dialog that left me in reminiscience. Maybe it is a problem with men. We need to solve problems one way or another. It becomes such an obsession. Unsolved problems are worse than the problem itself.

The last two weeks are testament to it. I've been spending so much time on trying so do something and I just wouldn't accept it can't be. I gave it everything. It was always on the back of my mind. Only when I understood why I can't have my way did I move forward :D. What comforted me was that I understood what was the limitation preventing from getting the results.

Unfortunately I've not been so lucky with other unsolved problem past. Rather things I still can't quite comprehend but yet had to accept. I've been running around all through this year trying to ignore ... Even tried ignoring it, but ironically you can ignore something consciously coz invariably you are only paying more attention to it that way.

Right now all I can do is go to sleep replenishing my eyes for more of such misty moments, hoping that when I'd wake up with fresh thoughts. Life has been stagnant for almost a year now. Mebbe tomorrow it will make some progress.


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