Tuesday, December 2

Its all about feeling good!

One the one had you have people who murder scores of people for a (, rather in the name of a) cause. And they feel good about it and no remorse as others see it.

The person admits he has no remorse (which is expected of a person comiting such an act). Yet people are aghast over it! Would a remorse from that person make these people feel any better? Why expect such a thing. This ain't a movie!

And then these people feel helpless yet irate over it all. So to make themselves feel better, in the name of solidarity blah blah blah they decide to do a candle / silence vigil. In honour of people who dies to save their way of living.

They ramble and express their sadness so much and most of these people will forget about the people who lost their lives in a few months, until the next! Why? Coz they don't know what else to do other than question sitting in comfort of an A/C room or donating an amount for the relief operation.

How does the candle light vigil help? Maybe it would make the families of those who lost dear ones feel that the whole nation is with them. Only to be forgotten in no time!

They all want to do something but then don't. Too much trouble. So what difference did they make with the vigil? They moaned! And yes of course, prepare and deliver speaches. Did that sound familiar? Politicians? Election Campaign?

Words and no actions. (At least politicians have an accountability factor. Its another matter how much they care about it.) Thoughts but no action. Why? Coz they want to feel "good".

I am not against these vigils or prayers, but I fail to see the point. They just spend money, flowers, candles, renting out a place, logistics and all, and for what? That money and better the effort could be better spent on helping someone better their life, doing what it takes to thwart re-occurrence of such events. But then again that is also about feeling doing something to feel "good".

So now we have three groups.
  1. Those who don't moan and get on with their life. These people get the world back on their feel quickly.
  2. Those who moan, feel good about it and then forget it all just as quickly as the previous bunch.
  3. Those who put the effort to make a difference to the future by acting on it.
I hardly see any difference between the 1st two. For it is the 3rd who do what has an impact irrespective of how they feel.

Reminds me of merovingian stating in the matrix reloaded how we humans are so not in control and all that matters is the way we feel!

An interesting read at the onset of the untoward events lately - http://6ampacific.com/2008/11/30/better-security-takes-money-and-willpower/.

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At Thursday, December 04, 2008 1:14:00 AM, Blogger Arpita said...

I feel very irritated with ppl who express their grief on public forums. especially the ones who do it jus coz they would be on television.

Bharkha Dutt! God, she should really tone it down.


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