Sunday, April 9

Bombay Sisters opening the musicals (April 7th 2006)

Today saw the opening of the Music Festivities as part of the 53rd Sri Raama Navami Utsavam by the Bombay Sisters.

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Unlike my usual synopsis, I wouldn't be able to put time into researching and finding what the unknown songs were. Nevertheless I shall try. As always let me reiterate that I am a dilletante and the briefing here may not be accurate. The mavens out there are welcome to correct anything gross you notice here.

In short, it was neat and enjoyable :). Esp when they sang bhajan like songs, their voice reminded me of the raspy yet agile and commanding voice of MS. Their rendition of brOcEvaarevaruraa was my favourite, so much so I was able to follow it all along ;)) for a song I learnt much by listening (due thnx to kadri and sudha for that).

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The best part about concert is the interplay of percussions. Never on records do I enjoy them this much. Not that I understand the math but with my little sense and prying conscience for patterns I enjoy it in my own way. But today the change in nadai was so much fun, coz I found it difficult to follow. Had to concentrate, which is not on my virtue list :D.

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I can't close this without mention of the violinist. She played without a twitch ;), and just sweet, neat and fine. Having sat upclose I got to observe her do it. Fingers made of some liquid and on the fingerboard like a woodpecker :-o. I can only dream of such things 8->.
  1. jaya jaya jaya jAnaki kAntha (R: nAta)
  2. brOcEvaarevaruraa (R: kamaas)
  3. enna punniyam seidhenO (R: reeti gOwla)
  4. GnanamosagarAda(R: poorvi kalyaaNi)
  5. bhOgeendra shaayinam
  6. ?? (verses resembling - namO ranga nayaki) - excellent percussion interplay
  7. raNgapura vihaara (R: brindaavana saaranga)
  8. bhajan on gOvinda
  9. Thillana
  10. mangalam + slokam on lord rAma
Next stop ... with T.M.Krishna

this is SamY, reporting from Sri Rama Samaj, West Mambalam, Chennai (7th April 2006)

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At Sunday, April 09, 2006 6:38:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

great pics n info, ty Samy!


At Wednesday, April 12, 2006 7:59:00 AM, Blogger SamY said...

@keshi: therz plenty more comming ;)


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