Wednesday, February 7

"Placement is my right" PERIOD.

WOW! Now that's some attitude. This was one of the banners held by students of a management school protesting in UP yesterday. They went about damaging a whole lot of the institutions property. I don't need to explain if these guys deserve a placement, now do I? Their attitude speaks for themselves.

Protests are part and parcel of every democracy. As someone said - "it is a positive indicative that people are free to voice". I wonder how many of these people have the least understanding as to what it is they are protesting against for or against? To me, these sound more instigated than one demanding fairness, justice and whatever they associate with it. Being as blatant as those who deny it, it is politics that drives much of these.

I don't know about elsewhere, but in India most protests these days seem to be more over emotions, sentiments and stubborness. Almost every other day people protest against "The Law". I don't mean to say they shouldn't at all. But if the local governments are themselves bickering and defying the law, what do you expect the common man to understand of this? The supreme court having to resolve every bickering is just too much for the system.

The economic imbalance brought in by the IT sector seems to add up to the problem. Everything tending to a "Flat World", the incompetent just seemed to have lost the race by miles. And with nothing else to do, they begin to indulge in anti-social activities (for money and/or out of sheer frustration, the source of which is well known to all).

A first hand solution for this seem to be providing education to the inopportune and enable them in becomming skilled. But then, would the country be able to cope up with that. Recently I heard that china has too many graduate students but not enough white-collar jobs. Ironically mechanics and people involved in menial jobs seemed to be earning more than the educated.

I wonder where India is heading? Not to be negative, but I believe that the political system is only aggrevating the divide between and elite and the inopportune for their own survival. Talk about altruistic leaders, they are history!
P.s: I'd actually posted it in a different blog of mine #-o. Gosh! I am becomming absent minded :D.



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