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Snapshot Munnar

I'v been really lazy to come up with posts lately. This stuff has been pending since New Year, so am flushing it off :D. Picked some picturesque snaps from my trip to munnar for the New Year. Its taken me 3 days to compile this post. Thats how lazy I have become :).

The speed-boat ride was quite some fun :). I loved the sharp turns that they took. Some of the guyz felt nauseating :(. It was a picturesque and a fun experience. It almost ended up being a photo-shoot destination as we waiting for our turn and the the gang to return.

Our trek down the mountains. For most part it was walking through the mountains, but for the last 1km which had us being on all fours, hanging onto trees once in while. My cousin brother ended up falling, forunately grabbed two trees with both his hands. Said he was seeing dead people (uncle, grandma to start with) for a moment ;)). It wasn't a fatal fall, but could have been hurt real bad and with no one to call for help it was a :-s moment. Thanks to our guide all is well :).
This guy was our guide for the trek. Unfortunately we had no clue about the trek until we reached the spot :( (Top Station). Had we known we would have planned to drop in earlier and well prepared for a nice bath in the falls. We ended up climbing back quickly to beat the sunset. Of course, its an unofficial trek via private property, which the locals offer ;).
This pic shows kurinji flower that blooms once every 12 years for 3/6 months I believe. We were lucky to make the trip right on the occassion and better yet, go on a trek down the mountains to see them cover stretches of the mountains upclose :). We were there towards the end of the season so there weren't as much as they used to be I presume.

Not all that beautiful though. Its got a dirty violet colour. Nevertheless, the fact that they ain't gonna bloom for another 12 years kept our attention for a while. Damn Lucky I say!

The reserve turned out to be quite a bore but for the physical exhaustion and spotting the "Wild Boar" *duh*. We had to walk perpendicular to the slope of the mountain for kms together. Our ankles were on the edge of ending up with a sprain. The walk bestowed us with tons of thorns. Not the big ones. Little soft ones that stick onto your clothes and wouldn't go unless you deligently pull'em out. Do it wrong and they were pulling out strands of the clothing :(. One of my friend had so much on his sock (worn with a slipper) that he just dumped it.
Wild mushrooms! We had to be content with spotting such trivial things. The worse part of this trek into the forest was that were a group of 7 and we couldn't talk but in whispers. The previous days trek had its toll as well. One the bright side we got a nice burn out :), physically.

If you plan to visit the sanctuary, give it a lot more time. Coz our one hour trek only managed to get half was inside and back. Keep a window of 4 hours and you should be lucky to spot the celebrities there ;)) he he.

Thekkady was another blooper. We woke up @ 2am to reach there from munnar. As expected NO WILD ANIMALS! The ride is the ferry was good only for a good view. No way any animal would come out after hearing to the ferries loud noise. They were probably mumbling for having disturbed their peaceful slumber ;)) he he. We were short of time so that's was all we could cover.

Ooooooh yeah! We saw birds. WOW, so much for wild life.

It was a 4 day trip and we thought we'd dry out of places to watch. Maybe so for honeymoon couples ;)). But if you are hitting as a bunch of bachelors, there is just so much that I'd suggest a week to cover em all in spirit. On the downside u'd get bored of the greens by then. The wild life reserve has tree houses which you can book and stay, yeah away from civilization :). I believe at thekkady too you have such a facility. You wouldn't be able to see the elephants otherwise, unless you are okie with shelling out 300 bucks per head for a ride. We planned just 3 weeks on a small budget before our trip and everything was booked.

There is a lot in and around munnar for more than a few days. But its quite likely, unless you have a big pocket that you get bored in a while. Offbeat places would be the best bet when you are on a budget. And in my experience even though minimal, these turn out to be much more fun. You could cover plenty in a couple of trips to munnar. I'd recommend taking the road route, of course with a gang. Otherwise you are gonna miss quite a bit of nature. Given to the punctuality of the guyz and the super fast driver we missed at mountain top (forgot the name) before entering munnar, where sunrise is said to be absolutely beautiful.

As always the hilight of our trip were the off-beat places. No crowd and just us, it was perfect! So you bachelors out there, hit to this destination and get adventurous with your gang before you get hooked ;). Adios.

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At Sunday, February 18, 2007 5:41:00 AM, Blogger cyberkid said...

What does "PR Ratings is an operative word" mean? Am talking about
and this was my view in terms of gloryfying and nutruring pipsqweek, which has been the part and parcel of this country. Thats it and nothing against Ms. Shilpa Shetty in particular.

At Sunday, February 18, 2007 10:07:00 AM, Blogger cyberkid said...

Thats exactly my point and the word intended there was pipsqueak

At Sunday, February 18, 2007 8:52:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

goshhh Samy that was a heaven and bakk kinda trip ha? BEAUITFUL pics! Really beautiful.


I want to see those flowers too awww...

btw that lone-bird pic was AWESOME!

Loved the water pics alot.

And abt ur cuzn seeing dead ppl...was that true? Wut a peaceful and serene trek it seems like. Wish I was there too!


At Sunday, February 18, 2007 9:58:00 PM, Blogger SamY said...

** goshhh Samy that was a heaven and bakk kinda trip ha?

why dya think they call it "Gods own country"? it was absolute bliss! we were apprehensive to go as it was a honeymoon destination ... but since we had an awesome gang it was fun galore ;)

** I want to see those flowers too awww...

u gt wait for another 12 years :( ... we were lucky to get down the mountains to see some small mountains covered with em ... the guide was tellin us that it was much less than a few months b4 ... nevertheless we were lucky ;)

** btw that lone-bird pic was AWESOME! Loved the water pics alot.

there r more awesome pics ... we almost took over 800 snaps in all ... lazy to search thru but me pack :D ... I luv those water pics too ... esp the early morning sun rays

** And abt ur cuzn seeing dead ppl...was that true?

Very much! he was like jesus on the cross ... but for the fact that he was haning with his two hands grabbing a tree on each side ;)) ... it wouldn't have been fatal, but he could have got badly injured ... I was on all fours and almost everyone but the guide were hanging onto something

** Wut a peaceful and serene trek it seems like.

it was nutty :) ... almost ... the last 500m of the trek made us way too cautious that I couldn't take a single pic :( ... I even dropped my camera a couple of times ... luck to still have it ;)

** Wish I was there too!

think u shud come down here for yar honeymoon ;) ... remember? u promised u'd give a detailed account of it ... he he ;))

At Monday, February 19, 2007 3:29:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

Samy put up the other pics too..whenever u can.

Honeymoon? :) yeah. But no details will be given except if it ends up being tragic as ur gang fall lol!


At Tuesday, February 20, 2007 10:10:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

I need a pic of u Samy...:(



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