Saturday, March 31

Sudha returns to Mambalam after two years

But not with the usual bang :(. Not that the concert was anything less that good, but it was too short. She didn't even do 3.5 hrs and that by no means is a satiating concert from her. This is probably one of the few ocassion where we can listen to her live for like 4-4.5 hours. Organizers could have given her schedule on a day when hers would be the last program.

I remember her concert two years back which still remains as one of the best concerts by her till date. It was a satiating one.

She began with the same dharu varnam she sang two years back - maathE malayadwaja set to khamAs which is one of my all time favourites. I sure must be blessed to listen to that in almost 3-4 concerts of hers till date :). Then she went about singing plenty of favourites - vaataapi gaNapatim set to hamsadwani, nagumOmu ganalEni set to aabhEri, akhilaanDEshwari set to dwijavanthi, alai paayudE set to kaanaDa, banTureeti set to hamsanaadam, tandanaanaa ahi (brahmamokaTE) set to bowLi, kurai ondrum illai in ragamalika, krishna nee beghanE set to yamuna kalyani, chinnan chiru kiliye in ragamalika and kaNDanaaL mudalaay set to madhuvanti.

Vishamakkare kannan which I was told was set to chenchurutti was proly the best pic of the evening. The lyrics were just superb, naughty just like the title ;)). Hats off to sudha for the choice of such a rare song :). Anybody out there who's got that song, plz drop me a msg.

The last pic shows the crowd standing at the gates of Sri Rama Samaj @ 10pm listening to sudha unable to get a place to sit inside. That should give an idea as to why artists love performing here. The experience is very different for both the rasikaas and the performing artist. Such an attendance from the audience, and that too so much women (as sudha acclaimed) is not a common sight towards the end of the concert. Too bad she had to wrap up too early :(.
The isai vizha is just beginning to heat up. Next week is fully loaded :). More on those later.

On the bright and sunny side of life, all thanks to these festivities am temporarily out of the blogger-block syndrome :p.

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