Tuesday, March 13

This world is not enough

so he thought and took off the beaten path
not sure if he had enough he gave it all he got, or so he thought
dear ones to keep him sane, near ones to keep him hale
he kept walking down a dark tunnel hoping to see light someday
stumbling every now-and-then in the dark, he walks with his tears falling on the rocks

a feigned smile for the world, but none in truth
just a few more days before the clock ticks 2 past a days hours
and hez nowhere close to where he thinks he belongs
merry a day it should have been, but not this time, not last time
dark clouds are meant to pass, but only if you are meant to last
hope is all that holds him up, blank is his mind waiting for the unknown

Who am I? What am I? A seemingly lost soul for now :). Cheerios amigos.

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