Friday, March 2

They've done it : Nike Cricket Crazy

I am an advertisement freak. More than the programs, I watch out for the advertisements and esp. ones that stand out. I remember having posted on another ad which had come out during the football worldcup by adidas. Gotcha ... its here. This time nike's caching on the Indian Cricket Fever.

If much of rest of the world is crazy about football, almost the entire populous of India is cricket crazy. The money that our players get is sign enough for this. Personally I don't watch this sport much unless it gets gripping and compelling :D.

Just watch this advertisement! How better can you portray the India craze and yet feel home. This is as crude as it can be. The grotesques of the Indian life and the craze lurching withing us. I just LOVE IT! Nike's gonna sure get a lot of attention this world cup :).

Kudos guyz. An amazing ad in recent times. BRILLIANTLY CONCEIVED AD FELLOWS ;)!

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At Sunday, March 04, 2007 7:57:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

gotta watch this from home Samy.



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