Thursday, May 31

Helmet day

Today was a nice day to go on the roads :). I could see most of the 2 wheeler driving people wearing helmets thanks to the mandate in effect from today. And of course my own share of fun out of it >:).

Many of the adults were wearing helmets that don't quite fit to their head. Finding a helmet that fits a head is like finding a dress that fits a woman :p, only the former is applicable for both sexes :D. It was funny watching ppl whith HUGE heads wearing a helmet the bottom of which only comes down until their cheeks ;)).

And ladies (not chicks) wearing em :p, my goodness! ROTFL! They look like alien being who have landed from some other planet ;)) peeping through as if trying hard not to pass out. To top it all are those flabby people who after a big struggle successfully get their head inside the helmet. Little do they know how much they could affect an on lookers. Their skin would literally be squeezing out of the open areas as if waiting to burst. Quite gross actually.

And btw, its not gonna be long before people again start using the trick they did a few decades back to void the effectiveness of such a mandate. I don't want to mention that here and help make void something good. And as before I expect to see sect oriented PIL's being filed in a while such as sikhs not being able to wear it with their turbans and such.

Actually this move makes me wonder if the government struck a deal with helment manufacturers. Further, if a helmet is not carefully choosen it could be quite harmful to the driver in case of an accident. I am not too sure about this but I'v heard that with your chin unprotected there is a good chance of breaking ur spine depending on how you fall. Besides it saved me once from a bad head injury when in fact I was only driving at about 20-30kmph. Contrary to what most people believe you don't have to be driving fast to have a fatal head injury, coz it depends on the way you fall and what lies in the path.

In case you still havent picked one yet, please pick one which has a chin and not the one that all open to the front. And please don't buy the excuse that the sweat will cause baldness. Its just a belief and its genetics thats more towards baldness than sweat.

The good thing about this move is that I am considering getting a bi-cycle for my frequent travel within 3-5km radius which I do pretty often. Clean and Green! If I do, this time I'd go for a geared one which *doesn't* luk like a BMX bike.

Safe driving! to all the bikers out there.

Just 24 hours and I already see some people making use of the workaround :). Wonder how many people out these would spot it. The face of Chennai roads would be soo different then.

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