Saturday, January 31

Ratatouille Rocks!

I know I haven't been upto date on movies. I've given up trying to. As each day passes by I only seem to get lesser and lesser time to do things I'd love to. Jeez! that sounds like a sign of aging :D.

Wall-E did not appeal to me that much. I liked it but it was probably the lack of dialogues that didn't make it that great to me. It was cute u know, robots making love and all that. But hey!, movies are supposed to be imaginative of a better world. An imaaginary one we call atlantis.

This rat story was AMAZING! It was not the story or anything but the imagination these guyz had to pull something like this off. My hats off to those folks. And yeah, they did make it a point to mention some things really important to them ;). Guts!

Who'd have imagined such loveable rats? I know its hard to come by in the real world. But hey! Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you get next. Only we stop imagining constraining ourselves to the whimps of the "society".

After quite a while a movie left me all smiles in the end and in a totally positive mood. Seriously I've been lacking that for god knows how long :p. Somehow action, sci-fi & romance seem to have vanished from my favourites list.

And maaaan Colette :D, soooo fine! Hmmmm, the reality is sooo far away from imagination. There is only so much in your hand. Or so we think!



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