Monday, March 9

The complaisance in us

Some of us over time have become a bit environment conscious. But then you meet people from other cultures who are least bothered. And more so insolent about it.

I know people who keep the window blinds closed and turn on the light ALL through the day! The excuse they give? So what is it consumes more electricity!

People who refuse to use reuseable shopping bags instead of plastic bags. Reply - everyone is using plastic so why should I not!

People who leave the tap open while most of the water drains only using it once in a while. Reply - I can't open and close the tap everytime!

Can't change these people. They just wouldn't coz of their ego even if something is said rationally. I somehow just loose respect for such a person when I see they don't have a respect for their environment. It shows me how social irresponsible they are.

It costs nothing to help the environment but a little effort here and there. No one is asking you to BE GREEN! And I don't see it coming into our society unless these are inculcated in the young as part of their education. Can't changes the stubborn headed people. But young minds can definitely imbibe the social responsibility.

The whole point is it is pointless trying to make your point!



At Tuesday, March 10, 2009 5:38:00 AM, Blogger Arpita said...

Ya they should dfntly make such things part of the syllabus. Most people don understand the effect of this carelessness!

At Wednesday, March 11, 2009 7:18:00 PM, Blogger Madhu said...

Yeah, so true. Its irks me no end when ppl dont want to even think abt change. Forget initiating things, even if spoonfed ppl dont utilize the here they come door to door to collect recyclables...but except the regular few nobody seems to be bothered. But am glad I was able to change a few ppl's addiction to plastic bags :)

As Arpita has ritely said, young children are the best bet for the future, they should be educated on this.


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