Thursday, March 12

Magical moments in life

Everytime I watch a little child explore its environment it leave me in awe and all smiles :). A magical moment! It keeps reminding me how conditioned mind has become to the dogma of society, how unexplorative we are now and how we have lost that child in us. This is probably the reason I enjoy my time being with those kids than people of my age. I want to be that child in me while the society want me to grow up! And I just don't seem any good at living up to it :p.
There are so many such magical moments in life. Many of them don't last, some are an illusion, some purely biological driving us beyond sanity. And the some are plain false. Even though you felt it for real, it just wasn't true. Then we slowly begin to and condition our minds to accept them. We call this learning. Subjugating ourselves to just accept it in the name of understanding. Why? Coz we need a purpose to live.
I seriously now feel that the very purpose of our lives have become to find a purpose for our very existence, trying to justify an existence with a meaning and purpose we concoct. Does that sound familiar to you? ;)
And it is interesting that for many the purpose of their lives is to help others in their life indirectly fueling their quest for a purpose to theirs. Life is weird!



At Thursday, March 12, 2009 7:26:00 PM, Blogger Madhu said...

I love watching kids too..seriously they are the best stress busters and, unfortunately, the best sources of stress too!

All i can say of the grown up mind is that it sucks half the time...i rather be stuck in my childhood anyday.

Anyway, am just waiting to see all that pure magic unfold on a personal scale....gosh it makes to so happy and yet so scared!!


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