Monday, April 2

2 more concerts gone by

It was the mambalam sisters on sunday. I wasn't very excited about em, but since I'd never been to their concert before I just did :).

I can't make a judgemental statement as to the quality of the kutchery but quite bluntly, I didn't like their adoptation of bhagyadha lakshmi bharamma tune ditto for some verses beginning "sambandhi saapidave mattar".

I wonder if thats part of trying to be innovative to gain a great name. Writing sahityam for carnatic though an art has a science to it. It almost felt like something written da todays cine composers - pic some rhythmic, rhyming verses. It wasn't entirely in tamil either, tamilsh to be precise. Some section of the crowd may have been glee about it but am not sure if such a funny track is gonna bring some accolades.

Now this was some concert :). Sowmya and Embar Kannan, how could I ever miss it ;). Unfortunately I had to crash mid-way through the kutchery and endure some glares from many.

The 1st piece she sang after I settled was - nenaruncinAnu, she her rendition was brilliant. I was glee to hear such a peppy one from her :D. The next one with kalpanai swaram and tani aavarthanam was splendent too. Esp. embar's pristine followups on the violin were indicative of his shrewdness. Quite honestly, I'd say he is one amonst the best of the artists on the violin, at least on the carnatic front. This photo shows his studying what the vocalist was singing just before he go on to play it out :). The way he studies and followed up almost instantaneously all through (were applicable :D) was gr8.

All righty! Tomorrow two kutcheries back to back. More later. Adios.

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At Monday, April 02, 2007 6:59:00 PM, Blogger Keshi said...

wow nice traditional n pure.



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