Tuesday, June 17

The plight of Headlines Today

There is a new channel here which goes by the name of - 'Headlines Today'. I don't sit much in front of the T.V., but I happened to watch it while I was having lunch today. Ever since I came in until I left, all that was telecast was about some wrestling news around this character khali.

Yes, a while back I did express my reservations about these news channels being very cynical about everything happening. But this is even worse. Looks like HT has really run out of news that it telecasts such things. I presume almost all but for the naive know that these shows are orchestrated like mega-serials. And yet these guyz seem to have nothing better to put on air *duh*. It football season again and they could very well put some exclusives on that or whatever. Wonder how people at HT feel about calling themselves a new channel. They should probably consider rebranding themselves as some entertainment channel rather than calling it news.

Shame on HT! I hope at least some of the other new channels are better than this.



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