Friday, July 4

21 & 21...

Just came back after watching this movie - 21. Turns out that after a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long time I haven't slept for over 21 hrs. 4:30 am - 1:30 am and still going. Mebbe I'll push some more today. Sort'a crossed the sleepy phase. It feels nice to live like the good old days.

Anywayz, the movie was good. Worth watching once. While the scenes really didn't make me feel the rush (proly coz I was technically zilch at black jack) although the whole concept was great. Unfortunately there were points where the movie got predictable :(. None of the female casts were all that great, but had they been so it might have just spoilt the movie.

One thing I liked about the movie is how it portrayed some truths of the reality. With so many movies giving a happy ending just to make the audience feel better this one took a little detour. A happy ending but with more realistic touch to it.

Reopening some things from my past. They are not gone, they are not dead. Just dormant. So no more personal posts here ;).



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