Wednesday, April 4

A dab of deepika's kutchery followed by G.J.R.Krishnan & Vijayalakshmi

I finally managed to catch the voice of this amature artists yesterday, about whome my mom acclaimed quite a bit from some reviews she'd read. I can't say about the quality but her voice sounds blunt (not sharp like her guru: sudha), as if air is blown along with the voice. Took me a while to get used to it as it muffles le clear pronounciation. Guess there are somethings that cannot be taught ;). The content of her renditions in terms of the sangadhi's were pretty much same as what sudha does. I noticed this as she sang brOcEvarevarura set to kaamas. I was able to recollect the sangadhies sudha sang for the song in one of he records :D. Her voice is quite timid which I notice as she could not hold on a swara for a long time. Her rendition of chinnan chiru kiLiyE was however quite different and very very mellow.

And then it was the lalgudi siblings! Pristine in their renditions, I was quite surprised to find quite a modest crowd for them. I guess it takes a bit to listen to the violin having been used to vocal renditions. GnK would have drawn in a huge crowd given to their seemingly unorthodox rendition style.

Of all the pieces I enjoyed raama nannu brOvaraa set to harikaambOji, jaanaki ramaNa set to kaapi, mAnasa sanchararE set to sama (a very soothing raga that I like esp. since annapoorNE vishaalaakshi set to the same) which my friend requested. Surprisingly they did play a couple of standard requests from the crowd and quite honestly listenting to the same piece concert after concert leaves me a bit disappointed. And of course their speciality, a thillana composed by their guru LJ set to behaag. Very neat concert :) with nothing flamboyant to impress the crowd. Truly classical it was.

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