Thursday, July 10

Growing up

A few first hand experiences off-late. One, I got to experience how people start behaving like a child as they grow older :). I was all smiles watching it.

One of my grandpa pretty old and counting his days holding on to witness occasions at home just gobbles sweets left right and center much like a kid does. Literally! And the mid-age people keeping tabs on it so things are under control. I was almost ROTFL watching it.

And then it was my other grand-dad at the ICU. I went to see him and after speaking a few words he says - "yaarume ennakku coffee tharalai" (nobody gave me coffee) in a sober tone. I had the honor of carrying this news to my aunt who was taking care of him.

My grandmom did her own share while she was in hospital. Like they always do they removed all her jewels and returned it to us. The next day she wakes up and fights with the nurse that she stole all her jewellery and shooed her. Seriously, the nurse didn't know how to convince her otherwise :D.

Being so dependent on others to take care of us is probably what we associate as a child. Really old people need / love others being around and giving them attention just like kids do. Sometimes watching old people this was makes you don a smile and sometimes leaves you glum when you realize they were the epitome of independence just a few months / years back. Hmm.

The other experience is as to how weird people get. It still leaves me thinking. It has definitely made me smart but I doubt if it made me any smarter. Or I wouldn't be thinking so much over it ;).



At Friday, July 11, 2008 12:11:00 AM, Blogger Keshi said...

I hope ur grandparents r getting better.

yes being dependent on others sucks..but it happens to all of us some day :(



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