Monday, May 25

The scare of a marriage reception

Off late a good number of people I've known have got married and I've had a chance to be at the reception or look at those photos. And there is more coming in the months (gawd save me)! One thing that I see time and time again is the bride being atrociously gaudy in an attempt to look great.

I just don't get it. Most of these women look horrendous wearing eye-lashes, lip-stick, glitter and what not! They look much better being their normal self. And for many it is a first time too and they try it all. I know they have pressures from people to do it all but when they have all the sense to take all the trouble to make sure of a good partner they just give up on this even though they have a bitch of a look?

Perhaps they think the one night farce is not worth an effort :). Anyway, who am I to say what people should / should not do.

On the bright side, I met a bride who took the onus of the entire expense of her marriage from her parents. Every single penny of it :). I am so used to seeing brides and grooms eating on their parents hard earned life savings into their marriages. Huge sums spent into attire which they wouldn't wear in their lives but on that day. When the D-day arrives everyone seems to give in to the temptation. Perhaps I will too.

It was a pleasant surprise to see someone taking on the onus of that. Thats the hard way to know what your wishes, fantasies and moments of a lifetime cost. Wonder if I he what it takes to do it, when the time comes! Do you?