Saturday, November 26

Independence vs Disjunction

This thought came by during a conversation I had lately. I inadvertently said it in the context, a subconscious understanding. Only after a while did I realize what I said and mulled over it consciously. This is how it goes -

We hear people's stories from their experiences abroad, living with just unit currency left at the fag end of the month. And of course working part time to support their studies and their living. And finally they just start praising the system, as to how these amazing people just after they turn 16 live independently and such. The conversation creeps into the ears of the folks of the previous generations (our fathers and theirs) and you see a fit of revulsion - "What kind of society is that? No Bondings, and uncultured lifestyle, eyooo"

Well, I don't think so. In my opinion we Indians often misconstrue that which is not as yet accepted in out society. In this case Independence it is, which we associate with being Disconnected. There is a whole lot of difference between the two.

Just because in other countries the younger people live by themselves at a much earlier age and much of their families are nuclear does not imply a lack of bonding in them. They are tightly knit in their own way. Sometimes it appears that keeping some distance with people makes every experience with them much more pleasurable. Whilst in joint family frought society as ours with closely knits kins we tend to take people for granted. Of course it is given that absence of a contributing individual is very noticeable. Which is probably why more often than not, Indians value things only when they are bereft of it.

But just want you to be careful to distinguish between a person being Independent and one being Disjuncted. Contrary to common confounding there is quite a difference between the two. Surely people understand the lexical difference, but probably inadvertently end up using the imprecise word to describe that which we wish to.

This gets me to think about something else as well. Many a times I advocate that staying not all too close with people is good. Maybe because I am young blood and that I crave independence in my decisions, I believe in such. The problem with joint families as I see it is one having to mend their way to the imposing rulings of those with leverage. This invariably boils down to stolen Independence. But then again at times I'v been tired of complete independence. Times when I craved for someone who would just edify me. I guess that is a good sign, that I am still very Indian at heart. Probably when I get old, I'd start prefering our traditional systems.

pickup :)

it was festival time ... the damsel donning a troubled gesture enters the appliance store ... her aunt had requested her to make a purchase during the discount ... so goes through the pricing and scrambles for the item amidst the crowd

meanwhile a guy in rags comes in his TVS Astra, obviously not for shopping but for something else ;) ... hoping the festive season will bring in many newly wed ... he scuffles through the crowd and finds this dame, he sheds a smile ... but only to recieve a condescending *sigh* ... disappointed by not given up

the lady makes her purchase and goes out, waits for an auto to come by ... the guy dashes to his Astra, kick starts it ... goes around from the exit and stop before the dame ... the girl deliberately not noticing him looks for an auto

"Need a lift?" - the guy asks with great hope and anticipation in a husky voice trying to impress her. The girl glares at him with sharp eyes and then takes the pillion seat with her package. She begins to tell him her address, but the guy gives a look and she goes silent.

The duo reach the guys house which looks desolate. The guy unlocks and takes her in, while she settled in quickly. The guy goes into his room and prepares the bed, meanwhile the girl changes into more comfortable women wear she could muster in the house, lets her hair out n enters his room. Ogles at him with her hands resting high on the door way. The guy is smitten, left speechless and then she pounces into the room.

Meanwhile the guy's mom comes in, obvious from the screatching sound of the gate. She hears some sounds and hurries upstairs. She goes towards the guys room which has no door, the sounds were getting louder. As she barges in the two lay on the floor with the appliance unpacked n manuals thrown around, n it was smile n gags in the air.

She asks - "What is with you two? You had put a big fight a while back and now koothu adichufying 8-|" ... and then the duo explained what happened ... and revealed that they were laughing over the luk of the people waiting around the girl when the guy in shambles offered a lift and gets to pick up the damsel =)) ... this is one helluva cousin duo having fun during their summer, the girl obvious had a blast of a time doing all this and the entire family is frought with smiles over this incident as the day ends

good night and good luck, ladies and gentlemen ;)

Wednesday, November 23

Why wouldn't it just work?

Quite often pc user invariably end up in a situation where their machine just wouldn't work. Haphazard freeze's, the infamous BSOD, crazy behaviour (no, not short-circuiting like in Viva adv). Having got caught in the maelstorm called IT, I get to experience all too often esp. that I am with a comp min 12 hrs a day. I have probably tried out so many combinations, that failure is all too uncommon with my Dinku, unless its organs give up.

But I find all too often people end up with a bad comp, and not knowing what to do. Well I notice coz I get called to try and fix things, and usually I manage to.

Like wise people blaming that Windows just doesn't work reliably. Some go to the point of going burlesque. Though it is fun, sometimes it waaay too much. Even for that matter I realized sometime back the limitations of the PC design, @ least with the x86 ones.

I invested a huuuuuuge amount on a piece of hardware (Video card, for games n special effects programming) and within a year its outdated. If I ever had a wish, it would be a lifetime supply of video cards that I want (I'd settle with just one @ anytime; tho not for the SLI kind, not planning on having a museum).

The whole point is that the configuration of the PC we see everyday has such variety that the stability provided is by far an amazing job. There is a whole variety of configurations and such beyond ones capacity to enumerate it all. And we expect it to work smooth and fine, and crib and curse when something goes wrong.

Can you think of another equipment with such versatility? To be able to replace it on the whole, n have it work just as well and better than before?

Classic e.g. I'd give to this problem is the Game Consoles and Apple's PC's.

Game Consoles like XBox, PS, GameCube all have a fixed configuration, and all that can be done is done withing the realms of the h/w. Unfortunately the same game when written for PC has to work on a variety of h/w (varying by processor speed, bus speed, memory, memory speed, partition efficiency, disk space and above most of these a whole range of video cards). Only to find that a game wouldn't run on you PC, then complaint bout the makers or the h/w *sigh*.

Likewise the Apple machines, very simple for its just the power chord and the USB cabling that u'd see. NOTHING ELSE. Works like a charm but not for hobbiest and enthusiasts who'd want to tweak stuff around.

If only people would understand why PC are unreliable, before they'd mock it all. Guess the proliferation is wider than the literacy aspect when it comes to personal computing.

Monday, November 21

Guess Who This Is?

Friday, November 18

Sleepy Cat

after a bit of warm up in the morning I set off for my class ... as I stepped out I noticed an unfamiliar face ... its common for their kind to be lingering around thanks to my moms generosity ... she feeds them fresh food ... served hot from the cooker

and lo!!! I find this doll sleeping on our wave, he proly found it cozy in this weather compared to the floor / walls ... he he ... so I managed to catch him sleeping ... in fact, until I came down with a camera and took a couple of snaps he didn't budge

amma says this fello is mostly found sleeping around our service area regularly ... never knew of this member of our house

nice way to begin a morning with a smile :) ... thnx to Mr. Fluffy Cat ;)

gud morning dear

Wednesday, November 16

Corporate Parley's

On: We recommend some additional reliability tasks, we have not quite followed good design principles of using , it is supposed to be used for but I suspect some unscrupulous use for which is highly deprecated ... am not quite sure tho the extent to which this is prevalent ... but at the same time not sure how much problems these things are addition up to ... we would like to have those revisited again and make any changes

Off: Okei, how would you like to priorotize this one? High, Med, Trivial?

On: Well, its not all that important but we could do that for we have deviated from some design principles, so keep that a bit lower than Med

Off: Fine, well take that up, tho we ain't sure when, but will schedule it for later

hmm ... luks like no one is sure what to do ... almost as if they are doing things just to keep themselves buzy ... 1st they err ... then they are not sure if those foibles are really having any effect ... neither sure if getting them out of the way would be of any help ... #-o ... absolutely hilarious ... aimless pursuits ... never sure of results

casuality ... effect of having ineffectual individuals (including myself), or rather inept people to chip off the rough edges of a statue ... a dilettante would proly only end up screwing up the statue against expected ... ending up making it look like more skilled work is required to patch things up ... but again putting in the unskilled for the task ... what a viscious cycle ... guess uncertainity is something I have least tolerance for ... n I guess it works for them ... good 4 them

Sunday, November 13

Choice ... The Problem is choice

How often dyu hear people say -

"I am sorry I didn't mean to but I just couldn't make it"
"I had to go for "
"I am sorry, I can't do that"
"I have to get this done so excuse me"
"I so wish I could have"

Scores of such remarks ... On and On ... I began thinking about this response of homosapiens (not that I ain't one :p, neither am I an exception) consciously after seeing The Matrix. This is yet another prelude before my blog project on The Matrix, to elucidate how much profound and philosophical the trilogy was than just an entertainer.

In this movie, there is a lot of reference and importance to "Choice". This, we take for granted though we go through it at a subconscious level. All of the above are conscious choice and are not a binding. "Had to"/"Have to" are binding words used to express our choice of acting against that which is expected of you. To mitigate the disappointment to the other party, to avoid confrontation, to be the nice guy, not having the courage to tell the bitter truth, and the list goes on.

If you are subject to a bond, you choose to abide by it and not forced to. Why? Because you choose not to face the consequences of breaking it. So these binding words only indicate their choice spoken implicity in a diplomatic manner, something we learn from the society intuitively.

99% of the time, I keep up my appointments and my commitments. Be it professional or personal. I never make promises that I can't keep up and would choose to jeopardize more important things just for my commitments. Some people find it too brash (when I am not being all too nice) and stupid (for giving more importance to my commitment over all else). But that again is a choice I made.

Comming back to The Matrix - The Oracle, Merovingian, The Architect and Neo make the choices and govern them. The Oracle and Merovingian belive in choice among similar lines though they interpret it differently.

The Oracle, claims that every individual does what he does because subconsciously he has made a choice to do so, even though he may not understand it at a conscious level. Shall we call this as gut feeling or human instinct? But there is another thing that she adds to this when she addresses to Neo (in Matix Reloaded). Our conscious mind follows a choosen path (self choosen, someome making the choice for you, someone showing you the door or telling you what you just needed to hear). But we fail to understand the path that we are taking, and end up wandering aimlessly (typical of those who believe - Ignorance is Bliss).

The Oracle guides those people who try to understand the choice and make sense of it, rather than living out a life. She helps Neo understand the subconscious choices that he has made.

The Merovingian on the contrary believes that - "Choice is an Illusion between those who have power and those who do not". He believes people who have power make the choices and other live by it. His dialogue also gives hint as to what he believes as being powerful - the "Why?" factor, the knowledge. His belief that understanding the "Why?" at a conscious level lends you the ability to make choices.

Which is exactly what the Oracle grooms people into doing but building on right from their subconscious choice. The Merovingian interprets it as Causality while the Oracle sees it as Belief. Two conflicting schools I presume. Two ways to keep the humans under control.

The Architect is an interesting side though, with visibility of choice only as far as to balance the equation at hand. And who believes and makes believe that "the systemic anomaly in an otherwise perfect harmony of mathematical precision" is given to the inalienable human nature to choose (accept/reject). Remember the dialogue by smith "The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from"?

Neo at last is the one who begins his journey by making subconscious choices driven by conscious values. He grows up to understand the repercussions of his choice, and lives by them. And his choice to survive (which the oracle phrases as - "you should have been dead, but you were not ready for that either" in Revolutions). And finally alike our "Gangai Maindhar Bheeshmar" who chooses his time of death, it is at his own choice (after understanding much) that he becomes the saviour at his own cost. Neo is more closer to the common men among us trying to find our way in life.

You might be asking, why all this crap ramblings and put my own interpretations in a post. Foremost, to understand that binding statements are a facade to choices that people make. That people choose something else over commitments to you, and this is being put in a polished fashion afraid of how u'd handle the bitter truth.

What affacted me was the change in attitude I went through when I started saying "I Choose to" in place of the "had/have to"'s. In my world today, I almost choose everything consciously. I avoid the "had/have to"'s as they imply a subconscious choice. At least when I say it to myself I make sure it is a conscious choice, whilst I keep my fingeres crossed and put on the facade to others (honestly is not always welcome you see) :p.

For patient watchers, philosophers, Matrix enthusiasts and those incited into this topic - Watch the trilogy with your reception antennae tuned to the motif of "Choice". There is more in there than you would have imagined. I did so almost a week back for this post, but lost much of the points I wan'd to make so am choosing to ending the prattling here (as many choose to see it).

There is something else to think about all this juncture. A power statement which goes like this - "No one can see past the choices we do not understand" - The Oracle

Saturday, November 12

Movies Galore

Epic Stories being made made into movies and games have been quite prevalent. Movies I believe most people know. Likewise games being made with rights from the movies is again noticeable.

Lord of the Rings, The Matrix are noticeable ones in the game stands.

But how often do you see, movies being made based on the games. Who would want to right. Looks like there are enough people around to buy it.

The 1st of this kind that I remember is "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)". The Game spans about 10 releases :-o (ohhh yeah trilogies are nothing compared to this), there is so much crazy for the game. My interest was for the amazing in-game videos that were breathtaking, especially the character. For whatever reason I had a penchant for Manga art (no this is not like our local mangatha or sumthing of that sort :p, its a form of art). Even today the art-work of the game leaves me stupefied (still having the CD with those content, burned on a kodak silver CDR in 1999, and unscathed). The best part being their modelling of hair and characters and facial expression. And of course the damsel is always the prettiest, whilst the protogonist is quite a dork :( to begin with.

Comming back to that movie, the plot was disappointing tho my interest was the animation that these people pulled out which was hell impressive. Only today games can do close to that in real-time to certain extents. And again my fav. band LP's points of authority video is based on it ;), so ... The movie flopped big time in indian theaters as expected.

I am expecting another big-time flop show - Doom - The Movie. Ringing bells, its the infamous game that kicked off/popularized the game genre known as FPS (First Person action Shooter). The latest was Doom III which was again simply non-stop thud thud thud, but still impressed people amidst scores of people looking for good game play. I can assure that the sounds in the game can prove scary, it hit me hard quite a few times.

Can u imagine a movie made of such a game =)), absolutely ridiculous. 'The Rock' from The Mummy Returns is our hero soldier saving the race. Ha ha, it goes like this. Precursor: human race has occupied mars (just as in the classic movie Total Recall) and human race is experimenting.

"The last 10% of the human genome had been uncovered, and then ... ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE"

Just watch the trailer at the movie site, not sure if I can enjoy such a movie. But being a game enthusiast (not an avid gamer) think I'd check it out if at all it comes to the theater.

Friday, November 4

Majaa Majaa'va?

Today's highlight was the movie Majaa. Not sure why I went for the movie? Asin maybe. But I don't find her all that amazing either, accepted for the fact that she is the prettiest of all the actresses around now :). But is she another passer by? Just a thought, seem actors stay much longer. As in (not asin :p) an actor is cast in movies and accepted by the people much longer than actress. Only until the next beautiful one comes do the old ones last. Hmm guess that how it works. Has she completely displaced simran and the others? None of those actress seem to be in the charts this season.

Songs in the movie failed to impress me :(. But two songs were okay. Definitely not the better ones of Vidyasagar. (Get a daub of the songs here and here before you decide to buy it.)
  1. Sollitharava Sollitharava - I rate this song as the favourite of all the tracks. When all other songs fail, this one track scores it all. More along the lines of "Suttum Vizhi" song of ghajini. Think I like the lyrics as it flows beautifully with the music score. Still not got the full hang of the meaning, but it sure muct be good like that Ghajini one I hope. A soul appeaser song. Definitely on my recommendations.
  2. Chee Chee Chee - My initial fit of revulsion was for the sensual mood of the song, but then after a friend said a couple of hearings could change my opinion, I gave it benifit of doubt. I like the segment as it raises with the lyrics "vambu pannuven naan vambu pannuven". A descent song again. Not all too impressive.
  3. Iyaaretthu (Chellame Chellame) - Another typical song in vikrams movies, along songs like "Kannalam Than Kattikittu" from the movie Saami. Liveable, for I liked nothing more in this track for the verses "Chellame Chellame".
  4. Podhumada Saami - is a senti song, so dont expect an entertainer here. Pheelings sangu ;). But I guess you can listen to it for the lyrics. Bit of meaning to it.
  5. Hey Pangaali - Maybe it should have been named "Majaa" it self. This song is typical along "Dhool" song. *phew* it took me a while to realize this now. "Gemini" song like sounds of grudge in the background do appear to adorn the song supposedly. Not impressive :(. So far I could not listen to this track even once completely off the theatre.
I have to rate "Sollitharava" as the best song in the album :), in fact its already on my charts now :). Others are not worth a recommendation.

Vaadeveelu has adopted his "Winner" movie style commedy more prevalently. So he it does in this movie as well. To there is a bit of laughter to yield to, only if you are not hardened to those. Once in a while the movie does hit along comedy lines.

My 1st laugh was for the lines sung with the tune of "Matchan Peeru Madurai" - "Matchaan Peeru Aadi, Avan singatha paatha beydhi #-o ... chee beedhi" ... ha ha ... did crack me up in the situation. The movie was frought with bone crackling sounds and regular fights of vikram with all the usual reverb. The villian reminded me of the one who appears in Gemini, less insane than him but puny after his defeat. The two bouncer like guys vikram fights, =)) omg!!! a totally hilarious fight sequence. The plot was seriously trite :(, but good that it did not use tragedy for an impetus.

Asin did not have much of a role in this movie. I liked segments where she is frisky n all, well a single scene only if I am correct :(. Guess expectations follows from Ghajini, in which but for her slight immaturity she made the movie quite watchable. Not enough acting here to be judgemental though. Her expression suit a more romantic and frisky role well. This was quite bland. Not something that would bring out her talents. She was as pretty as ever, just that I don't see her as all that beautiful - as per the Asin Phenomenon fan club.

Vikram is back in a new gettupu. Personally Saami and Anniyan movies, are a class preformance of all. With a meesai, sideburns and sometimes even mascara for a song if I remember right, n spangled arraignments (geez hez got some guts) he's tried quite a bit. Nothing great from his side. Even the hand gesture was not appealing. It was like our emot - :-c, just that it is outstretched. Neither was his olympics with his kerchief, which seems to be his fighting hat.

Manivannan character, well his bottle and him are inseperable. At one point I felt if the movie were goin in Sangamam style, thankfully it didn't :). Comical climax was attempted, n movie sappunu mudinju poochu. Just as vikram winning over the gal.

Mr Nattamai stuff was quite idiotic. And so was the other family story and all. Don't know his name (the guy who is nayantara's father in chandramukhi, ooop hez mr.nattamai too if I am correct), but his role seems all too similar. They seem to be in shambles and all of a sudden heavy harvests, okei okei. But their harvest seem to include pretty much everything in the market. Wierd it was, in addition to the fact that they didn't look like farmers. This potrayal of folks into agriculture is so misleading and far from the truth.

Guess people come to movies not to see the reality but to live a dream for those less than 3 hours. The movie is not all that good, but I expect it to run just as the dhil and dhool kind. Don't expect too much from the movie but for killing you time, and for guys watching pretty Asin is definitely in store. I'd actually gone for the buttered n steamed corn they make there, but unfortunately it was unavailable today :(.

so for those folks scheduled to go for the movie ... poi majaa pannu ma ;)


Thursday, November 3

Savage Garden the Album

Released in 1997, the bands already disbanded after just two albums that I remember (the other album - Affirmation released in 1999). My initial affinity to the other boy bands lasted nothing more than a months. Been visiting a few hangouts in chennai recently and was really surprised by the trite tracks of my school (incl. my college) days that instill a feel of revulsion.

Journey with music is a cycle, you start from regional, classical, pop, rock, hard rock, metal, heavy metal, new age and blah blah blah. And then you grow tired of the limited later and get back to where you started from. I guess some peer pressure is also reason for the growth, either way is good. I went back to classical which is an ocean, even a lifetime spent with it and you wouldn't end up covering much.

But just to travel back in time, to catch a little deja vou I decided to go back to pop with savage garden. That's not the whole truth :), LandMark has been selling these @ steal prices :p. And this was missing in my collection, as I'd been waiting for the CD equivalent of this album with spl remixed tracks which I luv'd. Well I settled in for this.

Don't remember having listened to it since my sophomoric days (after which I progressed to higher stuff). Nevertheless I vividly remember the prime stanza equivalent to our pallavi in tfm/classical for the tracks I love.

I ain't gonna write a review. Just to remind me of some of my favourites. As to Why I like Savage Garden?

Their music alone doesn't appeal to me as it used to but for my favourites. But yes, I do like their 1st album for the music as well, even now. Their second album though, it was the lyrics. Like Linkin Park, darren hayes is a bit emotional and it reflects in their lyrics, be it a low/high/romance/dance mood. So my inclination is more towards their lyrics.

A quick dump on my favourites in this album ranked -
  1. Truly Madly Deeply - I love the lyrics!!! I close my eyes n sing it and it feels ethereal. Simple yet as profound as it needs be.
  2. To The Moon And Back - Ooo Maan, an awesome track to sing :). Dream being the motif, this is one helluva track. A chartbusted then as the former. I love singing this much more than the #1 track.
  3. I want you - This is hard to sing for its seemingly breathless momentum. But after taking quite some trouble I did. It was hard to catch up as in the good old days but was not all that bad, the lyrics are rusted. The bgm reverb sets me ON. And to sing along is sheer fun.
  4. Carry On Dancing - This is a pure dance track as I see it. "Carry on keep on romancing ... Carry On Carry On Dancing" being the most appealing part of the song. I'v lost my inclination for this song, but still listenable. Unfortunately not as much enjoyable.
  5. Violet - I used to like this song a lot. Set in a party mood of bachelors. Another fantasy song. Talks a bit bout connection with another person. Easy listening. I used to love n call it suave before. But it sounds quite bland now :(.
But when it comes to singing out with happiness, my favourite song is still - "I Dont Want To Miss A Thing" - Aerosmith (OST Armageddon). I still remember me singing this in my hostel room aloud unafraid, when most people would be having their bath :)). Again its the lyrics that is amazing. Another band that I love for their lyrics is MLTR, and to a certain degree The Corrs (whome I like more for their music).

I don't know how I listened to the other tracks in this album. Guess those days are gone, and that SamY is gone. Don't think I'll listen to SG all that often, classical is an ocean and it appeals more - Beauty Infinitum. Nothing leaves me more placid and composed as classical, esp when you begin to see patterns and learn to appreciate the beauty in nuances. But the detour was nice indeed, a mild nostalgic feeling as I listened :).


Tuesday, November 1

deepavali blues

late (thnx to my tottering but nevertheless ... ineya deepavali nalvazhthukkal to blogsphere!!!

its been a great diwali with the night specials yet to come ;) ... but then some things about deepavali always brings back memories ... esp the mornings more than anything else

so I wake up today ... I rarely speak until I brush my teeth or @ least wash my mouth ... so apart from the hmm's ... the 1st words spoken -

"avalo yennai veendam patti ...

he he ... this I never miss to do a single year ... in fact its not even that oil which is boiled with pepper :) ... so much for the oil chronicles

but the so called growing up and moving along in life leaves you missing some thing while you get others

schooling days of course ... every deepavali there used to be competetion in the appartment as to who gets ready 1st and bursts the 1st pattasu :) ... ha ha we used to end up waking up @ 4 ... I still remember I used to wake up n hurry my folks @ home for thir rigmarole for the ocassion ... and then it comes ... a simple oosi vedi ... miniature saram ... but sounds loud enough ... our appt stairway used to echo well ... accoustically unsound :p ... but good for our purpose ... making sure the watchman ain't there in the vicinity, we set of one @ the 4th floor (mottai maadi, n flit into the nearest of our houses to hide ... all people come out to find it who it was n the lil trouble makers r gone ... they just can't point to one ... so it was fun to see their faces then ... 1/2 the people half asleep ... ha ha

n then the cracker competetion ... not just among us ... but with out neighbours ... they proly used to buy for nothing less than 50 grand to a lac :-o ... believe me they do ... thnx to them my folks were never able to watch T.V. coz their sarams last 7 mins avg and come back to back with a break only for their siesta ... 3 familys taking turns there ... so we refrain to burst then ... n when they all rest we take the arena with out bombs ... kept under kottan kuchi, n all sorts of stuff ;)) ... he he

nights were a spectacle ... our prodigious neighbours would go nothing short of the BIG ones ... so we take our vantage point ... sun-shades of the 4th floor (mottai maadi) ... of course without my parents knowledge ... most of the blasts happening @ just a safe distance and @ an elevation of just udner 30 degrees ... never more ... it was some sight ... parachute ... jewels stuff n all those expensive ones ... free tickets of course ... the best part was that the bunglow had a granite exterior so all those blasts didn't sound doom ... but dhung ... with high reverb :-" amazing

this new place has been very noisy ... unlike last year ... much more jubilation ... or is it just me in high spirits? whatever it is much of my kaasai karee akkaradhu is gonna starts in 3 hrs from now ... so adios

after 3 days by darn net connection seemed to work now ... still seemingly ... so gt test it for a while

hope everyone enjoys this diwali ... I still remember those slogans which used to come before in a poetic form - "Its diwali, play it safe"